Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mary's Lifestyle was an Achilles Heel of Bush Agenda

Mary's Lifestyle was an Achilles Heel of Bush Agenda

Mary Cheney's lesbian lifestyle was an Achilles Heel for her Daddy's political maneuverings in 2004. She knew it then. She's probably always known it. Dick Cheney knew it, too. The Republican party is an extremely anti-homosexual party, so much that hatespeak is often tolerated on their right wing. That's why the bile rose to the top of Mary's throat and "F**k you" was the first (and only) sorry thing she could think to say when then-VP candidate John Edwards, in a civil manner, mentioned her existence as a lesbian during the 2004 Vice Presidential candidates' debate. She was hoping to avoid all the obvious contradictions. Hoping, for the sake of her Dad's success, that the right wing would not crucify her Dad for fully believing in her and for supporting her choices in life.

It was no secret. Mary Cheney is a proud gay woman. She has made public appearances with her partner. She's written a book and has gone on Larry King and seems to love the spotlight. She's not afraid to scream from the top of the mountain her mike at the Larry King desk: "I'M GAY!" (now that Dad's no longer running for anything and has bottomed out in the public polls). She seems like a very competetive soul; fiercely defensive of her father, who obviously loves her very much. (And what loving/loved daughter wouldn't be defensive of her Dad?) Because she appears to be a very intelligent and confident woman, I assume that she knows that her Dad is the leader (2nd in command) in a party whose extreme right wing doesn't just fail to tolerate homosexuals, they believe they are great sinners; evil, possessed souls in need of salvation. They'll work forcefully against anyone who promotes or supports any rights with which the queer lifestyle might stand to gain the fullness of social acceptance.

On Larry King, I heard Mary defend her father's political courage in taking a differing public stand from Bush's on gay rights. She went on to say her Dad has no appreciable influence on White House policy, so he really couldn't forward any kind of gay agenda. I nearly keeled over when I heard that. Cheney, Libby, and the neocons built the case for the unnecessary and immoral Iraq war, including the many public misleadings and the political destruction of Joseph Wilson by outing his wife (CIA agent) Valerie Plame. (Cheney applied pressure for all of this to happen).Let's face it, Mary's Daddy dabbles in dirt all the time.

If Mary's Dad was only one-eighth that active in pushing the cause of gay rights, I might believe Mary's defense of her Dad. But I don't. And I imagine nobody does. War is just a hell of a lot easier to push than same-sex love when you're a Republican.

Dick Cheney stood by silently, like a gay in the military, while homo-hating initiatives were placed on key Red-state ballots by Karl Rove and company in order to get the hate vote out in 2004. And, by gum, it worked! That was a far bigger insult to Mary's chosen way of life than someone like John Edwards simply bringing up the fact that she exists as she proudly (and very publically)chooses to exist. Her characterization of Mr. Edwards as a "total slime" is totally classless. She's angry because she knew it was Daddy's tender spot. Her perfectly acceptable lifestyle was fair political game. (A hell of a lot "fairer game" than CIA's Valerie Plame.) More importantly, what Senator Edwards said during that debate was said in kindness. I'm sure Mary's been taught better than saying such vile things about people. Hasn't she?

A majority of Americans oppose the proposed federal constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, according to a new poll commissioned by the Human Rights Campaign. Yet, the administration of which her father is a vital member has been pushing for the amendment. Gay rights advocates (who feel sold out by Ms. Cheney), Democratic party leaders, and others are working in public and private to stop Congress from passing the proposed amendment.Ms. Cheney doesn't come off as honest or credible when she chastises those who would most fully provide political support for gay Americans' human and civil rights.


"Senator Edwards continues to believe, as he said in the vice presidential debate when the issue was raised, that the Cheneys have been wonderful role models for the millions of parents around the country who love their children unconditionally," Kim Rubey, Edwards' spokeswoman for his One America political action committee said." [Raw Story}

[John]Kerry spokesman David Wade said Mary Cheney had "flacked for the most anti-gay administration in history."

"She was in the debate audience when Edwards famously praised her parents for speaking proudly of her, and claims she looked right at him and mouthed the words, "Go f*ck yourself." Well, Mary, those of us who've read the excerpts of your book cordially invite you to do the same." [Bill Robinson/Huffington Post]

"What I did was express my respect and admiration for the way the Cheney family, along with millions of other families, have embraced members of their family, and if I remember the vice president was very gracious in reacting to that," [Sen. John Edwards] said. "I think it was appropriate." [News&Observer]

Mary Cheney tries to have it both ways — and fails [SFChronicle/CWNeviusBlog]

Someone should explain to Kevin Naff that it's Mary that's doing the bashing here. Commenting, as mature adults, on what we individually take away from her angry bashing is completely fair territory.