Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Bush thinks he's God?

Does Bush think he IS God?

The problem is not so much that Bush is at his best when speaking about his personal faith. I believe this to be true of him...the few times I believe words that come from his lips in speeches are when he articulates words of faith.

Faith alone is a wonderful asset.

A stranglehold on faith-tinged politics mixed with Bush's inexperience in his true knowlege of the world outside the United States and his tremendous urge to mold the world in his faithful vision proves a dangerous proposition for the citizens of our nation and others in foreign places.

It seems the man has a Messiah complex.

The President is entitled to believe and practice the religion of his choosing, but the name of God passes his lips in political speeches as easily and often as farts slip out of incontinent old dogs.

He's the boy who cries "God!" in politics,
much like the fictional boy who cried "wolf" when he needed attention.
After hearing it so many times in speeches about government, the very word "God" becomes pointless...watered down to a meaningless rhetoric that destroys the very essence of true faith.

To infer that our nation (or anyone IN the nation)is under the wing of providence is misleading..not a tenet of true faith...simply wrong.

Christian fundamentalist beliefs have no place in government. They should not bleed all over a President's job.

A man is dangerous when he believes he can save the world...or that any one nation or leader is under the protection of God.

He may have backed off on his late-September 2001 rhetoric about "crusading", but, upon hearing him speak of this imaginary
"US-Providence pact", I lately believe
he still means exactly what he said.

I think a lot of people in nations outside our borders see him as the new Crusader.

Bush can't seem to go a day without telling us who's the 'evil' person or 'evil' nation-du-jour

Theological jargon is slipped into far too many of his speeches by Bush's speechwriters. It's too easy to instill fear and false hope into citizens with and brimstone and such.

Bush thinks he obtained the office of President from "on high".

Well, he did, I suppose.....
5 "gods" assured and secured the office for him in December 2000.

Providence...sweet providence.

Crusaders used theological language to justify empire-building.
Does anyone see a pattern here?

Bush is covering his extreme and imperialistic militarism with words of God.

The most frightening part is that I truly believe that HE believes what he's saying.



The Philosopher, the Ants, and Mercury

"A PHILOSOPHER witnessed from the shore the shipwreck of a vessel,
of which the crew and passengers were all drowned. He inveighed
against the injustice of Providence, which would for the sake of
one criminal perchance sailing in the ship allow so many innocent
persons to perish. As he was indulging in these reflections, he
found himself surrounded by a whole army of Ants, near whose nest
he was standing. One of them climbed up and stung him, and he
immediately trampled them all to death with his foot. Mercury
presented himself, and striking the Philosopher with his wand,
said, "And are you indeed to make yourself a judge of the
dealings of Providence, who hast thyself in a similar manner
treated these poor Ants?' "

- an Aesop's Fable