Thursday, December 16, 2004

Berkeley Pries Open Votergate

The day after electors cast votes at state capitols nationwide, at the regular meeting of the Berkeley City Council, half the public speakers expressed concern for democracy, given problems on Nov. 2 including minority and student vote suppression.

Berkeley Pries Open Votergate
A Resolution that the GAO Immediately Investigate 2004 Elections
December 15, 2004

Berkeley Pries Open Votergate,
Calls for Immediate Investigation of 2004 Election.

From Press Release:

Home of the free speech movement, Berkeley often tackles injustices. After hearing the citizens speak at the Tuesday night meeting, Mayor Tom Bates proclaimed, "Nothing is more fundamental than a free, fair election. When you start tinkering with that, it throws the whole system into disarray. I am pleased that we are taking this stand." The City Council then adopted, by unanimous consent, the "Resolution Supporting the Request that the GAO Immediately Undertake an Investigation of Voting Irregularities in the 2004 Elections." It is posted on the web at


The waters of home
flow sweetly as winter
approaches with promise
to steal the colors which
caused enchantment this day

*I took this photo on a walk near my home in early November.

Brad Friedman:Updates on Ohio and Clint Curtis case

Brad Friedman:
Updates on Ohio and Clint Curtis case

Freelance journalist Brad Friedman never ceases to amaze. He has posted Yang's (YEI's) full response to the Clinton Curtis charges and has provided a response of his own.

Brad also informs us that Greens, Libertarians, along with Kerry-Edwards 2004 have just added "election tampering" to a civil suit filed against the state of Ohio. The fine folks at RAW STORY have the scoop and the court documents online.

Brad leads us to a WP story by staff writers Michael Powell and Peter Slevin, titled Several Factors Contributed to 'Lost' Voters in Ohio, which cites electoral problems which prevented many thousands of Ohioans from voting on Nov. 2. While "most senior state officials, Republican and Democratic alike, tend to play down the anger" over Ohio, the article leads you to understand this isn't all about conspiracy theory and tin-foil headgear. Some are saying that this is too little too late; that journalists are framing this too lightly; that they weren't out there doing theire job while the vote in Ohio (and God knows where else) was very possibly manipulated.

Ray Beckerman's Ohio Election Fraud will keep you up to date on many Ohio developments, including the Triad Vote Machine tampering/pending recount lawsuit.

US Embroiled in Iraq's Civil War

US Embroiled in Iraq's
Civil War

Bomb at Iraqi Shiite shrine Kills 7, wounds 32

Another attack upon a Shiite shrine in Iraq today.

As Sunnis pull away from the "democratic" electoral process and continue attacks upon holy Shiite places - targeting Shiite clerics - how long do you suppose the Bush administration can keep blaming Syria and Iran for what the Iraqi Sunnis have consciously chosen to do?

How long will it be before a Shiite fundamentalist comes to power through a lopsided vote?
How long before a newly-elected Iraqi leader commands that the US occupation forces make attacks upon Sunni strongholds?
Isn't that what we're already doing?
Are we pawns caught in the middle of Iraq's civil war?
How could George W. Bush have allowed this to happen to our military?

Helping Iraq is one thing - if Iraq had chosen to willingly help themselves. They have not proven to be willing to fight for their own nation. I've never seen a genuine intent on their part.

I think it's now a full blown civil war in Iraq.

January 30th may bring elections, but we cannot expect those elections to bring the kind of democracy that will curtail civil war within Iraq. In the light of this knowlege, the war has been a complete and utter failure. I hang my head in sorrow for all who've been caught up in this disaster.

The Splendid Failure of Occupation, Pt 23

The Splendid Failure of Occupation
Part 23: Dick Cheney, reshaping history with an ax
By B. J. Sabri
Online Journal Contributing Writer

...think of Cheney and his reinterpretation of world history and relate that to Zionism, the locomotive of the neoconservatives ideology for world power, and then, think of Fallujah, the small Iraqi city the U.S. turned into rubble.

The instant we juxtaposed Cheney to these new ideas, our original thought stops, discards Halliburton, and begins searching for new relations with Cheney still at the center. Because Vice President Cheney is a pillar of hyper-imperialism, he is a means to understand America’s war on Iraq, and the militarist thrust to impose a durable U.S. world hegemony.

Accordingly, I shall discuss Cheney from five viewpoints: 1) Empire vs. imperialism; 2) U.N. resolutions as war alibis; 3) 9/11 as a rationale for Iraq’s conquest; 4) interaction with Zionism and vice versa; and 5) Falluja as a symbol for Cheney’s “American Modified and Accepted Hitlerism.”

From Part 23 of a series of articles written by B.J. Sabri, an Iraqi-American antiwar activist. The next part will be - Part 24: Dick Cheney: rewriting history with a shovel

Kerik Fest

photo from The Age

Kerik Fest


It's no wonder he never smiles!

'New Testament'according to Iddybud - joke

McMount McCavalry

'New Testament'according to Iddybud

"To her husband's surprise the Virgin Zhood was pregnant with child. Fortunately for Virgin Zhood, an angel explained that her child was Harmonious Christ, the world's lord and cooter farmer, the glorious Husband of God. At his birth angels told shepherds in the field to follow the shining pone to find him. Also, three scented doghead dogs came bearing gifts of taters and beans. Yea verily, and it came to pass, after Harmonious Christ was baptized by being submerged in mule deer he gave the sermon on the stew. At the sermon on the stew Harmonious Christ taught: Blessed are the mealy for they shall take the legs, and furry are the bucks for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Harmonious Christ also performed many miracles such as when he turned Ears of Corn into Yogurt heads at his friend's wedding, and made the lovely man not so lovely. Unfortunately the rulers became angry with the influence of Harmonious Christ, So they gave him but a lovestick. But someday he will return in magnificent glory... So tithe and watch your back!!"
Okay, I need to explain this to you, dear readers. I had no clue what I was writing when I played the game at: New Testament Instant Religion Creator. There are other opportunities to write scripture at: RELIGION CREATOR. Knock yourself out.

I sincerely hope it doesn't offend. It's all in fun.