Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Zogby latest: Kerry likely to win BIG

Zogby latest: Kerry likely to win BIG

Utica, NY pollster John Zogby is predicting a clear win for John Kerry:

Bush 213 electoral votes
Kerry 311 electoral votes
Nevada and Colorado - still too close to call.

Early exit polls predict Kerry will be victor


New Exits Keep Kerry Up
Early exit polls predict Kerry will be victor

Florida: 50/49 - KERRY, Ohio: 50/49 - KERRY, Michigan: 51/47 - KERRY, Pennsylvania: 54/45 - KERRY, Iowa: 50/48 - KERRY, Wisconsin: 51/46 - KERRY, Minnesota: 57/42... Developing..

Sen. John Kerry looks to make a victory of the electoral college, according to all three sets of exit polls conducted by a consortium of six media organizations (the National Election Pool) that RAW STORY has acquired and confirmed with myriad sources.

Here are the first exit polls, confirmed from sources in both parties, as leaked to RAW STORY. The first number is the percentage of voters supporting Kerry, the second are those supporting Bush.

AZ 45-55
CO 48-51
LA 42-57
MI 51-48
WI 52-48
PA 60-40
OH 52-48
FL 51-48
MICH 51-47
NM 50-48
MINN 58-40
WISC 52-43
IOWA 49-49
NH 57-41

Here are the second polls:

U.S.: 50-49
FL: 50-49
OH: 50-49
CO: 48-50
NM: 50-48

Here are the third polls:

FL: 52/48 - KERRY
OH: 52/47 - KERRY
MI: 51/48 - KERRY
PA: 58/42 - KERRY
IA: 50/48 - KERRY
WI: 53/47 - KERRY
MN: 57/42 - KERRY
NH: 58/41 - KERRY
ME: 55/44 - KERRY
NM: 49/49 - TIE
NV: 48/49 - BUSH
CO: 49/50 - BUSH
AR: 45/54 - BUSH
NC: 47/53 - BUSH

Wall Street affected by blog reports of predicted Kerry win

Wall Street affected by blog reports of predicted Kerry win


Colorado Newspaper Up to Dirty Tricks?

Colorado Newspaper Up to Dirty Tricks?

"With all precincts reporting, Bush wins Colorado, 41-34 percent", paper reports – except election hadn’t started yet!


Early Exit Polls Show Kerry Winning

UPDATE: 3 pm

Early exit polls predict Kerry landslide, though early polls not considered reliable

Kerry ahead in MI 51-48, WI 52-48, PA 60-40, OH 52-48, FL 51-48

Woman in NJ Has Vision - It will be President Kerry

The banner on the Ace of Coins card gives the cue meaning Prosperity

Woman in NJ Has Vision - It will be President Kerry

In a Tarot-card inspired vision link, a NJ woman has seen a Kerry presidency.

"I saw the 'Hangman' card for President Bush," said the woman. "I said, 'Oh my God.' In other words, his career was going to be over as the president."

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No More Poll Thuggery!

Twits practicing poll thuggery

Remember these twits?

If there's one lesson we've learned from the 2000 election hijacking-hijinx, it's never to let poll thuggery occur without it being put under a public and legal microscope.

Republicans are trying desperately to suppress the American vote.

Why do you suppose they're doing it?

It's simple.

They know [and fear] the candidate for whom the crowds are waiting to elect as they stand in three or four-hour lines.

What to do at polls

What to do at polls

Whether you are a first-time or longtime voter, casting a ballot can be a confusing process. Here are some tips to make sure your vote is counted today:

1. Don't panic if you registered to vote and you can't find your name on a list. Get help from a poll worker.

2. Bring photo identification with you to the polling place, along with a current utility bill or something else to show who you are and where you live. Voters who registered by mail and are voting for the first time are required to provide this information. If you have no identification, you may sign a statement declaring who you are and where you live.

3. Read the signs on how to use the voting machines, a list of your voting rights and how to file a complaint if your voting rights have been violated.

4. Vote between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to avoid long lines. Know when polls close in your area. If you are standing in line at the time when the poll is scheduled to close, you will be allowed to vote.

5. If your name is not on the polling place's list of registered voters, you are entitled to a provisional ballot that will allow you to vote. It will be counted later, after election officials confirm your status as a registered voter.

6. When finished voting, check your ballot to make sure you voted the way you wanted to.

7. If you feel your rights have been violated, you can file a complaint with your state election officials. Every polling place must be able to provide contact information about where you can file the complaint.

8. If you experience problems, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. That's the hot line being operated by the Election Protection Coalition, which is composed of many organizations including the League of Women Voters. You can also call 1-866-747-1471. That's the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

--Source: League of Women Voters and U.S. Election Assistance Commission