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Top New York Times editors quit
Rose Arce and Shannon Troetel CNN

"The two top editors at The New York Times have resigned in the wake of a reporting scandal, the newspaper announced Thursday.
The editors, Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd, had been particularly criticized for their roles in the scandal surrounding
the reporting of 27-year-old Jayson Blair, who quit the paper on May 1


Midnight Ride of the Rabble
Thom Hartmann, June 4, 2003

"These corporate-embracing conservatives are not working for what's best for democracy, for America, or for the interests of "We, The People." They are explicitly interested in a singular goal: Profits and the power to maintain them. Under control, the desire for profit can be a useful thing, as 200 years of American free enterprise have shown.
But unrestrained, as George Soros warns us so eloquently, it will create monopoly and destroy democracy. The new conservatives are systematically dismantling our governmental systems of checks and balances; of considering the public good when regulating private corporate behavior; of protecting those individuals, small businesses, and local communities who are unable to protect themselves from giant corporate predators. They want to replace government of, by, and for We, the People, with a corporate feudal state, turning America's citizens into their vassals and serfs.
Only a public revolt in disgust over this unconscionable behavior will stop these new conservatives from turning America into a corporate-based clone of Mussolini's feudal vision. As Longfellow reminds us, "In the hour of darkness and peril and need/The people will waken and listen to hear.."
It is again that hour, and now is the time for we, the rabble, to re-awaken our fellow citizens.

"To every Middlesex village and farm,
A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo for evermore!
For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The people will waken and listen to hear
-- From Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1863

General Eric K. Shinseki

An Army transformed, thanks to a retiring general
By Joseph L. Galloway

"Shinseki, a quiet warrior who avoided the media at every opportunity, has been treated shamefully by Rumsfeld and his people. He soldiered on faithfully and loyally, driving the engine of change inside an institution he loves.
The Army, and the nation, owe Gen. Shinseki a salute and their gratitude for a job well done when he steps out onto the parade ground at Fort Meyer and says his farewell next week."



**It's becoming painfully clear**

"Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki, who has virtually been ignored and shunned by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, is scheduled to retire on June 11. Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. John Keane turned down Shinseki's job and announced his retirement. Gen. Tommy Franks, the commander of Central Command who prosecuted the war in Iraq, also turned Rumsfeld down and announced his retirement. Rumsfeld has been unable to fill either of the two top Army positions. Sources tell us that he has even sought to have retired generals return to active duty to fill the slots, but to no avail."



Democracy* isn't done alone in front of the television.


Weapons Of Mass Stupidity
Fox News hits a new lowest common denominator

"Novelist Michael Malone, a notorious optimist, offered a faint ray of hope when he urged me to ignore all the polls -- if the government has intimidated most of the media, he argued, what makes you think the polls are credible?.."
"At the Merle Watson bluegrass festival in rural Wilkes County, singer Laura Love ridiculed President Bush from the main stage and harvested thousands of cheers to perhaps a hundred catcalls. At a crowded bookstore in Charlottesville last month, I tossed aside the book I hoped to sell and read a white-knuckled antiwar essay I wrote in 1991. One woman walked out, but everyone else applauded and grinned at me. Come to think of it, nearly everyone I know hates these wars and these lies as much as I do.
Are we so few, or are the numbers we see part of the Bush-Fox disinformation campaign -- like Saddam's missing uranium and his 25,000 liters of anthrax? This faint last hope will be tested in the presidential election of 2004. If the polls are right and Malone is wrong, as I fear, it's going to be a long, sandy century for the United States of America, for our children and grandchildren and all those sweet singing children yet unborn..."



Sing-a-long time!
Sing this to the oldies tune


George W Bush singing to his missing adversary Saddam Hussein:

"I fibbed 'bout WMD..
And I don't have victory...
I don't have anything
Since I don't have you-u-u-u

I don't have proof you died..
And most folks think that I've lied...
I don't have anything
Since I don't have you-u

I ain't had much success..
And I guess..
I never will ever again
When you escaped from me..
In walked old mystery..
And it's been here since then..

I don't have your DNA
To prove I blew you away
I don't have anything
Since I dont have you-u,you-u....."

by Iddybud


The Unravelling of Tony Blair

"Weapons of Mass Destruction, or WMD, has become part of the jargon of our time. When he finally goes, Blair ought have WMD chiselled on his political headstone. He has now been caught; for it must be clear to the most devoted courtier that he has lied about the primary reason he gave, repeatedly, for attacking Iraq.

THERE is a series of such lies; I have counted at least a dozen significant ones. They range from Blair's "solid evidence" linking Iraq with Al-Qaeda and September 11 (refuted by British intelligence) to claims of Iraq's "growing" nuclear weapons programme (refuted by the International Atomic Energy Agency when documents quoted by Blair were found to be forgeries), to perhaps his most audacious tale - that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "could be activated within 45 minutes".

It is now Day 83 in the post-war magical mystery hunt for Iraq's "secret" arsenal. One group of experts, sent by George Bush, have already gone home...."

US Senate opens Iraq weapons probe
"This is the first serious domestic pressure on the Bush administration."

"The US Congress has ordered an investigation into possible abuse of
intelligence information about alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
The inquiries, launched by both Republican and Democratic politicians, will
include public hearings that will be televised live."

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End the deception
By Robert Jensen and Rahul Majahan

"Americans face an important question in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion: Does it matter that our government fudged facts to justify war?
Should politicians face consequences when they mislead us, especially about the need for military force?
While British Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing increasing pressure because of his role in this debacle, the Bush administration is betting the
American public will tire of the debate. Officials apparently think that if they constantly repeat the mantra - "We know for certain
Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction" - and the news media faithfully relay that
message, they will get away with their deception


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