Saturday, December 04, 2004

Civil War Rears Ugly Head in Baghdad

Civil War Rears Ugly Head in Baghdad

Iraqi insurgents have suicide-bombed a Shiite mosque, a holy place. It was brutal in its sectarian targeting.

Make no mistake, this is a sure sign that civil war has broken out in Iraq.

If we didn't already know or if any American was unsure, this is a horridly easy foretelling of things yet to come.

photo credit: CTV

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San Diego Union-Tribune loses Jim Goldsborough

The San Diego Union-Tribune loses Jim Goldsborough
by Jude Nagurney Camwell, American Street, Dec 4, 2004

"The spike of the column was "almost like prior restraint." Don't criticize Bush, or you column won't be run."

--Jim Goldsborough, from an Editor and Publisher article by Mark Fitzgerald


Veteran columnist Jim Goldsborough of the San Diego Union-Tribune, who calls himself a moderate, is quitting the paper. While he may be losing a paycheck, which is never an easy choice to make, I applaud him for doing so. He's already been offered a job with a soon-to-be-available daily online newspaper, the Voice of San Diego.

Mr. Goldsborough is quoted as saying, "I've written columns for everybody. I've been edited, criticized. … But never have I gotten a call Sunday night that the column is not running Monday, and there's no discussion......."

Goldsborough's publisher David C. Copley, in eleventh-hour fashion, pulled a column scheduled to run Monday, saying that the column "might be offensive". Jim has asked, " Offensive to whom? That's the question. The column is not offensive to Jews. Maybe to Bush."

Mr. Goldsborough won't sit back and watch the newspaper's editorial page tilt in one right-heavy direction. Not while he's still part of the team. He's leaving on principle.