Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Dick Cheney visits Syracuse NY (not because he likes the weather)

Cheney gets less than 1% support from non-paying public in Syracuse area

Cheney fundraising visit to Syracuse nets

200 protestors against Cheney-

2 supporters of Cheney.

So as not to deceive you, understand that Cheney also netted big bucks from 200 supporters who did not brave
the cold and the rain from 8am yesterday morning standing on their cold feet with umbrellas and heavy raincoats, but instead donned black and navy blue suits and shelled out $1000 apiece for a luckluster speech and lacklaster eggs and bacon.
Standing in front of a balloon of a huge rat with fangs sporting a DickCheney-nametag ( a balloon which would rival a Macys-Day parade float), the 200 cold people were amused and spirited.
Sitting in front of the speaker's podium at a barely-decorated hotel hall, the others...the comfortably-seated 200 paying Cheney-supporters, half-asleep,
failed to even laugh at the sad attempts at jokes.

If any Democrat in Representative Jim Walsh's N.Y. (redistricted) district has been giving him bipartisan support
(as many of us have), just take a LOOK at what he's saying about you...

...according to columnist Dick Case, "Jim claims only 32 percent of Americans admit to being members of the
Democratic Party. They make up for their slim ranks, he said, by being more liberal, more pessimistic, more angry..."

Well, well, fellow Democrats...if you weren't "more angry" at Walsh before, I'll wager you might be now.

Peaceful protesters greet vice president
Salina's town supervisor is among those demonstrating against the administration.

November 18, 2003

By Pam Greene
Staff Writer

Despite rain and mud, about 200 people protested outside the Holiday Inn in Salina Monday morning while Vice President Dick Cheney met with supporters who paid $1,000 to have breakfast with him.
"It's obscene to raise that kind of money when there are so many needs in this country that are not being addressed," said Joan Coop, a protester. "That's not a government of the people; it's a government by wealth."
The protest began at 7:30 a.m. when about 50 people gathered outside the Hess gas station at Electronics Parkway and 7th North Street. As the crowd grew to about 100 people, sheriff's deputies warned protesters not to stand in the street.
As the crowd grew to about 200, protesters crossed 7th North Street to a field off the Thruway exit, where they stood waving signs and chanting slogans.
Deputies on the scene said the protest was peaceful.
"Everything's going well," said a deputy who declined to give his name. "People have a right to protest, and they're being ladies and gentlemen about it. I appreciate that."
Virtually everyone standing along Electronics Parkway had a gripe with the Bush administration, be it the war in Iraq, job losses or the control money has over government.
Only two people stood with the protesters to support the vice president.
"We can't let these people speak for us," said Jon Alvarez, one of the two Cheney supporters. "They don't represent the mainstream. . . . We're in a world war on terrorism, and these people don't care."
Members of unions, veterans groups, the Syracuse Peace Council and the National Organization for Women protested. "Hey, ho, Bush and Cheney got to go," was the cheer led by Salina Supervisor and Democrat Mary Ann Schadt.
Brian Dominick, a member of the Syracuse Peace Council, said "Greed is (Cheney's) religion, and he's gone in there to pass the bucket around his congregation."

2003 The Post-Standard