Saturday, September 06, 2003

Abbas Resignation

Piteous Development in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict--
Abu Mazen Resigns

From the Associated Press:
Abbas Resignation Leaves U.S. Groping for Formula to Keep Peacemaking Going
By Barry Schweid

"...Yet Abbas has shied away from repeated U.S. demands that he dismantle Palestinian extremist groups on the West Bank and Gaza and has limited his efforts to persuasion. Most anything more substantial, he has insisted, would lead to civil war.

Nonetheless, the Bush administration maintained a drumbeat of demands that the terror structure be dismantled. Otherwise, Powell insisted repeatedly that Palestinian aspirations for a state would not be fulfilled and peacemaking hopes would "go over the cliff."

Let me say this clearly.
Abbas' resignation has caused the road map to go "over the cliff"(and over the river and through the woods.)


As I posted last week, the Bush Administration was pushing Abu Mazen and the Palestinians into civil war with the unrealistic demands in their roadmap to "peace". It was a roadmap to "war". Abu Mazen, a very wise man, knew this.
The Associated Press writer Barry Schweid said it best:

"....Clearly the administration and its road map partners were at a loss on how to keep alive the plan for establishing a Palestinian state by 2005 to live side-by-side at peace with Israel..."

We need to hope, pray, and act for the sake of all innocent souls in that sad-but-beautiful land.
The prayer is for hope.
We're losing sight of hope.
The prayer, then the hope, will be translated to action.

I believe a good start would be to pray, hope, and act to install an American leader with a sound, keen mind and a truly compassionate soul to match.
We have the power.
We need a President who will use that power to answer our prayers and meditations for peace in a land with which so many of us have mystic connection.