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Karl Rove's Betrayal of America - Updates


Raw Story has posted the GOP Talking Points

The RNC Talking Points, based upon GOP Senators "rallying around Karl Rove" are HERE at Any Senator on this list, who would back a TRAITOR TO AMERICA, are playing with political fire. On the list of ugly partisans who'd coddle a traitor for love of party:

SENATORS: Elizabeth Dole-NC, Arlen Specter-PA, Norm Coleman-MN, Rick Santorum-PA, Orrin Hatch-UT, John Cornyn-TX, Jeff Sessions,-AL,

: Roy Blunt-MO, Deborah Pryce-OH, Tom Reynolds-NY, Eric Cantor-VA, Jack Kingston-GA, Tom DeLay-TX, Kay Granger- ,Peter King-NY.

RNC Release - Sad defenses as aseen at Raw Story

Josh Marshall shows how media's gullibility and ignorance (in this case, the AP) can warp public opinion.

Toe sucker Dick Morris has been there - he knows your pain, Karl Rove. At least Dickie didn't betray America.

Any Republican activists who are "emboldened", as Donald Lambro put it in the Washington Times (that rightwinger's bastion of Moonie-loonie-ism), should be careful. When you are emboldened to act with the inspiration of a traitor's actions, you just might be a fascist.
*Look at them whistling past the graveyard. Talk about denial!

Gingrich Lies Through His Teeth to Try to Save Rove and Company
O'Reilly Factor: Newt Gingrich Lies About Ambassador Joseph Wilson

The NY Post (forever the Bush administration apologists) are trying to make us believe Karl's not "the Villain". (As if it's anyone else's fault that fathead Karl Rove couldn't keep his big mouth shut - revealing to journalists what any other person in his position should NEVER have known).

ROVE TO STEP DOWN?? [**no confirmation of validity - I don't knowe who this organization is - it popped up on Google news]

Bush Honesty Ratings Sink to Lowest Point

Congressman Tierney Calls For Suspension of Rove’s Security Clearance and Access to Classified Information [seen at Raw Story]

Karl Rove has endangered America and needs to be fired immediately.

The Left Coaster has a killer post called "Treasongate (Part VI): Response to GOP talking points."

EIR: The Plame Affair: Rove and Cheney Are Guilty As Charged-
"..the question must be asked: Can the nation survive a continuation of the Bush-Cheney Presidency?"
Garrett Graff comments on the latest Press conference. Graff believes that perhaps the Karl Rove leak investigation will succeed in sticking because it affects D.C. journalists and their friends.

A Roundup of the Latest Official Developments is at Editor and Publisher.

William Rivers Pitt: A History of the Bush Administration in One Sentence




Warning: Put on the Tin Foil Hat for this one.

From Mobjectivist:

Michael Ruppert, known in Peak Oil circles as the chief nemesis of Thomas "Dry Hole" Gold, has a new circumstantially disturbing piece. He tries to piece together some of the broken U.S. intelligence strategies in the Middle East.

I did not realize that the CIA and in particular Plame, had deep cover in the Saudi oil company Aramco. I suggest the tag line Aram-con for what they were trying to do, a variant of the Big Store con described in this previous post.

If this is true, and the fact that the administration blew the cover of Plame, and apparently dissolved the con-game in mid-stream, means that the administration got conned themselves (a la Chalabi) while bungling a con operated by their own people.

ARAMCO, Valerie Plame, and National Security

ARAMCO, Valerie Plame, and National Security
How Are National Security, the Plame Leak, and Lies About Reason for Iraq War Tied In?

Here's an idea:

In 2001, a company named ARAMCO, which is the the largest oil group in the world, had signed a $140 million multi-year contract with Halliburton, then chaired by Dick Cheney, to develop a new oil field. Halliburton does a lot of business in Saudi Arabia. Current estimates of Halliburton contracts or joint ventures in the country run into the tens of billions of dollars. So do the fortunes of some shady figures from the Bush family's past.

ARAMCO constitutes 12% of the world's total oil production; a figure which has surely increased as Iraq's oil fields have burned and our misguided war has sunk it into irreversible decline for an unpredictable term. ARAMCO operates, manages, and maintains virtually all Saudi oil fields - 25% of all the oil on planet Earth.

A named defendant in a $1 trillion lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims' families against the Saudi government is Khalid bin Mahfouz, who has been reported to be a brother-in-law to Osama Bin Laden (he's denied it). As recently as 1991, bin Mahfouz was on the Supreme Council of ARAMCO's board of directors. Mahfouz has historical ties to the Bush family dating back to the 1980s, when another bank connected to Mahfouz - the InterMaritime Bank - bailed out a cash-starved Harken Energy in 1987 with $25 million. (The Bushes played with the inside knowledge and made a lot of money on this pump-and-dump).

Are you feeling filthy, just knowing about this incestuous relationship of greed yet?

This is a time when Saudi Arabia is one of the three or four countries of highest interest to the US, and the non-official cover (NOC) operation which Valerie Plame had been involved was irreplaceable. The demise of her cover operation, Brewster Jennings, was guaranteed the moment Plame was outed. "NOCs" are generally regarded in the intelligence community as among the best and most valuable of all CIA operations officers and the CIA goes to great lengths to protect them in what are frequently very risky missions.

The Saudis are denying reprots that oil production has peaked, but they are being strongly refuted by an increasing amount of hard data. The truth remains unproven, but the mere possibility has set the world's financial markets on edge. The answer to the Saudi peak question will determine whether Saudi Arabia really can - or cannot - increase production quickly. If they can't, then the US economy is going to suffer bitterly, and it is certain that the Saudi monarchy will collapse into chaos.

Valerie Plame's cover company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, was instrumental in getting the answers our country so desperately required. Brewster, Jennings & Associates were tied closely with ARAMCO, and someone in the White House decided it was more important to cover their own lies to the American people and betray America than it was to protect such a crucial national interest.

Is it any wonder George Tenet would have been pissed off at the Plame leak? And why he may have resigned - knowing that, in order to truly serve his country's best security interests, it would be best for him to step away from his delicate position? Perhaps that Medal of Freedom was richly deserved, after all?

Michael C. Ruppert and Wayne Madsen, from whom I retrieved much of this information, have stated:
The CIA Director's job by definition, whether others like it or not, is to be able to go to his President and advise him of the real scientific data on foreign resources (especially oil); to warn him of pending instability in a country closely linked to the US economy; and to tell him what to plan for and what to promise politically in his foreign policy. In light of her position in the CIA's relationship with Saudi Aramco, the outing of Valerie Plame made much of this impossible. In short, the Bush leak threatened National Security.

Former White House Counsel and Watergate figure John Dean, writing for the prestigious legal website on June 4th made some very ominous observations that appear to have gone unnoticed by most.

This action by Bush is a rather stunning and extraordinary development. The President of the United States is potentially hiring a private criminal defense lawyer. Unsurprisingly, the White House is doing all it can to bury the story, providing precious little detail or context for the President's actions.

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Saudi Oil Bombshell -
First, a few words about the author of Twilight in the Desert. Matthew (''Matt'') Simmons is not a militant environmentalist or anti-oil partisan; he is Chairman and CEO of one of the nation's leading oil-industry investment banks, Simmons & Company International. For decades, Simmons has been pouring billions of dollars into the energy business, financing the exploration and development of new oil reservoirs. In the process, he has become a friend and associate of many of the top figures in the oil industry, including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. He has also accumulated a vast storehouse of information about the world's major oil fields, the prospects for new discoveries, and the techniques for extracting and marketing petroleum. There is virtually no figure better equipped than Simmons to assess the state of the world's oil supply. And this is why his assessment of Saudi Arabia's oil production capacity is so devastating.

Briton Bombers - Iraq war likely cause for extremism

We're Not Afraid

Briton Bombers - Iraq war likely cause for extremism

If there's one thing we can say about the four young Britons who turned to terrorism last week, it is that they sure as hell didn't do it in a vaccuum. I'm convinced that Tony Blair told an untruth, whether it was intentional, or whether it was just his warped opinion, when he denied, in the House of Commons this week, a suggestion that Britain was more at risk from a terrorist attack because of its involvement in Iraq. Blair had said, "It is a form of terrorism aimed at our way of life, not at any particular government or policy." What has me totally unconvinced is the fact that, before the London bombings, a leaked UK memo had warned that the Iraq war a key cause for the growth of "extremism" in Britain.

From an Independent article by Dilip Hiro:
"...Instead of focusing on finishing the onerous task of decimating al-Qa'ida and its associates in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border areas - in which Bush and Blair had the support of the international community - they embarked on the illegal venture of invading Iraq, which has helped create an even more menacing swamp for breeding extremists. Among those who reached this conclusion is Richard Clarke, who served as the counter-terrorism chief for 10 years under both presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush. "I doubt that anyone had the chance to make the case to Bush that attacking Iraq would make America less secure and strengthen the broader radical Islamist movement," he wrote. "Certainly he did not hear that from the small circle of advisers who alone are the people whose views he respects and trusts."



The terrorist attack in London today has once again created deep anguish in our collective soul...

Around the world people yearn to find peace and give solace to the suffering and bereaved. Once again the clash of polarized enemies clamors for attention. Al-Qaeda takes pride in this heinous and
sordid crime, while Western nations seek to bring the terrorists to justice. Yet it would be naive to take the simple way out and call this an example of pure evil and depravity.

In a very real way we are all part of the London tragedy. Everyone is caught in the tangled web of social injustice, economic
disparities, ecological disaster, war, and terrorism. Unless we accept this fact, we will continue with our madness of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Mahatma Gandhi declared that if we continue on this path the whole world would go blind. Will we ever see through our blindness and create a global community of connected humanity? To promote peace today means promoting a critical mass of consciousness where violence is never an option.

London, like the attacks in Madrid, Bali, and Indonesia before it, should make us want to live for peace above all. I
understand how it's possible to respond to terrorism with deep anger; I cannot understand responding to it with anger that goes on and on forever. There are causes behind every terrorist act and therefore hope that these causes can be changed, even as we continue to pursue justice. We still ignore the source of global instability: religious fundamentalism which has its roots in extreme poverty, where 50% of the world lives on $2 per day, 20% of it on less than $1 per day, a world where 8 million people die each year because they are too poor to survive.

Terrorism also festers because of a lack of education, toxic nationalism, ignorance about the outside the world, and deep economic disparities. Twenty thousand children died yesterday of hunger-related causes around the world, twenty thousand will die today, and twenty thousand tomorrow. That is not part of the evening news. Why not?

Nature abhors a deep imbalance. The human species has become the most dangerous predator on our planet. Nature might be
saying to herself, "Human beings were an interesting experiment that didn't work, so let's move on." Or, perhaps, our self-awareness has reached a turning point, as Inside ourselves we've always carried the seeds of creativity. The
next creative leap isn't a mystery. Millions of people are ready to join in harmonious interaction with Nature--and with our own complex inner nature--to create a world of peace, harmony, laughter and love. Let us strengthen our intention to create that critical mass of peace consciousness. Every tear can be a drop of nourishment for the new world that wants to be born and is making itself known little by little, every day. Each one of us can help create this critical mass by becoming the embodiment of peace conciousness their peace practices:

Being Peace
Thinking Peace
Feeling Peace
Speaking Peace
Acting Peace
Creating Peace
Sharing Peace
Celebrating Peace.

The Alliance for the New Humanity is committed to connecting and strengthening the synaptic network of the emerging planetary mind.

Love, Deepak Chopra