Friday, July 23, 2004

Democratic Convention bloggers

Updated List of Democratic Convention Bloggers

Photo credit REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Convention Bloggers OPML XML site
The Boston (D) Party DNCC blog
Official Convention Site
Kerry/Edwards blog

Bloggers Confirmed as Credentialed

Kirk Johnson American Amnesia
Alan Nelson Command Post
Dave Winer Scripting News
Dave Weinberger
Taegan Goddard Political Wire
Jay Rosen Press Think
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga Daily Kos
Rick Heller Centrist Coalition blog
Jerome Armstrong My DD
Aldon Hynes
Jeralyn Merritt TalkLeft
Matt Welch
Mathew Gross Matthew Gross blog
Byron LaMasters Burnt Orange Report
Jessamyn Charity West
Natasha L.C Pacific Views
Tom Burka Opinions You Should Have
Paul McCullum Dinner for America
Jesse Taylor Pandagon
Patrick Belton Oxblog
Dave Pell Electablog
xian Power of Many, also blogging for Radio Free Blogistan, Greater Democracy
Bill Scher Liberal Oasis
Michael Feldman Dowbrigade
Peter Rukavina (*See ReInvented's description of the credentialing process)
Gordon Joseloff Westport Now
Christopher Rabb Afro-Netizen
Joe Rospars, NotGeniuses
Allen Larson Larson
Matt Stoller
Alison Teal hotflashesfromthecampaigntrail
Zephyr Teachout Blog for Victory
Nathan Paxton NateKnowsNada
Michael Andrew
Dave Rock & Todd Beeton Dave & Todd's Wild Democracy Ride
Dave Johnson See The Forest
David Sifry and Mary Hodder Sifry's Alerts blog

Officially Credentialed, then disinvited:
*due to unforeseen lack of space at Fleet Center

Jude Nagurney Camwell Iddybud blog, Rational Liberal
James Landrith ANWR
Bill INDC Journal
John Tabin
Rob Galgano The Great Leap Forward
Justin Nawrocki Musings of a Drunken Monk

Others Who Will Be Blogging from the Convention:

Josh Micah Marshall Talking Points Memo
Atrios Eschaton
Zoe VanderWolk
Cate Read (delegate)
Karl-Thomas Musselman musselmanforamerica (Texas delegate)
Brian Reich Campaign Web Review
Erik Cornelius Dem Senatorial Campaign Comm. (Convention speech videos will be here)
Ana Marie Cox Wonkette
Dave Barry Dave Barry, of course!
Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington blog
Jesse BerneyDNC/Kicking Ass blog
Faithful Correspondent BarkBarkWoofWoof (Ohio delegate)

Hyperlincoln is dedicated to the best in blogging at the 2004 Democratic Convention. David Beckwith (Anonymoses) and I will be keeping you abreast of the best of the Convention blogging information as it comes in.

• Note: The new Convention Bloggers Website is up and running. I noticed an entry there about the 20 disinvited bloggers, a list on which, unfortunately, I wound up.

Photoblogging Election 2004 was launched to make it easier for convention bloggers to do some of the things that professional journalists' companies do for them: index and archive images and retrieve them quickly for publication. They say they have prepared links to every DNC Convention blogger they know of.

Politics.Feedster is another Convention blog aggregating resource.

Technorati has a new website dedicated to covering the bloggers in real-time at the Democratic Convention and the news they will generate. Titled "BlogWatch", it will include’s up-to-the-moment review of numerous Web logs covering the convention marks a first for convention coverage using Technorati, the leading monitor of blogs. CNN offers its own convention blog on with updates from Candy Crowley on the platform and from CNN anchors, analysts and correspondents, including James Carville and Tucker Carlson, both of Crossfire.
Technorati has a politics-devoted news aggregator for up-to-the-minute blog news.

• There is an open Yahoo Group set up for anyone interested in talking about the convention.

• Speaking of convention....Jon Stewart, whose Daily Show will cover the convention in their own (shall we say 'unique and delightful') way, speaks of Conventional wisdom in a conventionally wise way here. And there's nothing funnier than Ed Helms' timid-while-in-your-face challenges of "You're a jerk!" or "Labia! Urethra! Penis, penis, penis... vagina?" to a Boston cop from the "designated free speech zone" in Boston! I keep playing and replaying the (linked) video (titled "Freedom of Opression") and rolling with laughter.

One year ago-My thoughts

One year ago--My thoughts

I'd like to share with my readers some of the thoughts I had a year ago this week. What has changed since then? Are you satisfied? You decide.


Atrios on Failure of Leadership

Atrios on Failure of Leadership

Atrios has a blogpiece on Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, who is now sorry he philosophically bought into Bush's war and fear-mongering. I agree that he should have known far better. The failure of leadership rests with those in the choice positions in big media almost as much as the blowhards they are hired to challenge.

A citizen named Jackson Thoreau (who works in media himself) was more of a leader. He thought Cohen was overboard and stated so very early on. See his letter to the Washington Post editor back in December, 2001. (Third letter down).
"..I can't support us invading Iraq, under these circumstances. It's sad that I have to say we now seem more like the ones who want world domination than the ones who would fight against the forces that want to rule the planet."
-- Jackson Thoreau

David Corn: 9/11 report 'Bad news for Bush'

David Corn: 9/11 report 'Bad news for Bush'

Consider Bush's initial reaction to the attack on America (those seven frozen "My Pet Goat-ate my decisiveness" minutes); the administration not taking the threat of al Qaeda seriously enough; the vacationing Bush's poor reaction to the threat reports of "stem-cell"-summer, 2001 (limp-to-nothing), and consider the lack of proof of a solid alliance between alQaeda and Iraq (regardless of Stephen Hayes' and Dick Cheney's harmonied insistence).

As David Corn writes (tongue-in-cheek) in the Nation, "If this election to be a referendum on how [Bush] has handled the threat posed by al Qaeda, this [9/11 Commission] report--available now in local bookstores and online at the 9/11 commission's site--ought to be read by those 49 swing voters in Ohio who will be deciding the election for the rest of us."

At David's weblog, he discusses the topic and enables you to comment, if you so desire.

If America's Worst President is re-elected..

If America's Worst President is re-elected..

I've had so many positive comments on a link I posted here a few days ago that I'm going to post it again, this time in its entirety. It was written by blogger Anonymoses, who is a regular iddybud blogger.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Democrats Win! World Erupts in Celebration! 

Celebration, relief and good cheer spread across the globe, as war-happy madman is replaced by sane and beautiful leaders who respect all peoples.  


Republicans win. America goes to war with Iran.
Foolwells get their Armageddon. Millions die needlessly. A handful of suits reap windfall profits.

It really has come down to this. And make no mistake about it...this is the most important election in the history of the world. It is a matter of life and death. Many, many deaths. And frankly, we can't afford it. Not in blood. Not in treasure. Not in the world community.

Those who see elections as mere sport may only bet on their own team, regardless of how much damage their "team" will wreak upon the enterprise. But this would be a foolish supposition. Even deadly. And don't think blood won't blowback, if only in the subtlest ways. There will not be enough beer to drown out the sorrow of so many innocent people being slaughtered needlessly, just because you had to have your way. Your way may not be the best way.

Regardless of any stats one may concoct, this president has done wrong by America and the World, and the overwhelming majority of people who happen to not live within our borders, are deeply troubled, to put it lightly, by our having such a bellicose leader and administration. And were we to re-elect him -- arguably the worst President in American history... after dropping the man who was perhaps the most prepared man in our history -- What are they to think, except that we are either insane, perverse, or jaded...and lacking all good judgement?

In this election, it is not, "It's the economy, Stupid." It is "It's the World, Stupid!"

Serendipitously, while writing my illustrious and correct thoughts, a song wafted from my speakers that sums it up pretty well:

"Out of the darkness, deliver me."

Indeed. May we all be so delivered.

Blogger Bill Scher on Air America Tonight

Blogger Bill Scher (LO) on Air America Tonight

The editor of the blog LO (Liberal Oasis) will be on AIR AMERICA this evening. Bill Scher will be on the "The Majority Report" with Janeane Garafalo at 10 PM ET. You can connect to Air America here at Iddybud (see left side of blog for connection).

Meet the Joint Presidency Candidates

Meet the Joint Presidency Candidates

David Crosby and Graham Nash announce their candidacy for joint presidency of the U.S.A. here.

Cheney VP Replacement?

Cheney VP Replacement?