Monday, July 03, 2006

Shel Holtz on John Edwards and Gnomedex

Shel Holtz on John Edwards and Gnomedex

Shel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, gives his professional opinion on the appearance of Senator John Edwards at the recent Gnomedex conference and the steps he's already taken to use social software to make an invaluable personal connection with those interested in his ideas.

Note: To clarify, Shel commented:
Thanks for the link, Jude. Just to be clear, my commentary was about Chris Pirillo's choice of Edwards to speak and was written before he actually delivered his talk. I wasn't at Gnomedex and so didn't hear the talk, and haven't had a chance to listen to an audio file yet, although by all accounts, he acquitted himself well (despite attempts by some in the audience to turn the talk more political than it inherently was).
Dan Farber at ZDnet has a very interesting interview with Senator Edwards' technology advisor Ryan Montoya.

Rolling Stone Features Al Gore 3.0

Rolling Stone Features Al Gore 3.0

In the headline accompanying his Rolling Stone interview with Al Gore, Will Dana asks: Is his global-warming movie a warm-up for a third run at the White House?

What do you think?

He is asked, "Do you still consider yourself a Democrat," and Mr. Gore is obviously enjoying himself when he replies:
Oh, yeah. I mean, I still consider myself a Baptist too, even though the denomination has tried to run me off with their attitude toward women and so forth! [Laughs] I will continue to play a role as a citizen, not only on global warming but also on eavesdropping and torture and civil liberties and the other vital issues of the day. I've got a full plate right now. Being a candidate for president again is not part of my plan for the next several years. If I can just figure out a way to appear in the pages of Rolling Stone every several months, that will be fulfillment enough.

Rape and Murder in Iraq - A Crime. A Shame.

Rape and Murder in Iraq -
A Crime. A Shame.

What U.S. soldier Steven D. Green is alleged to have done in Iraq is unbelieveable...unimaginably horrific...unforgiveable. Each day the stories of misconduct become worse. This brings dishonor and shame to the US Armed services and crushes our nation's already-slim chances of grabbing the moral upper-hand in Iraq.

Is that a Bruce Springteen shirt or is it Johnny Cash? Either way, rip it off of him. Bruce is singing about bringing the troops home, not raping and killing Iraqi women. Johnny would be pissed off to see such a creep wearing him.

As Independence Day Approaches

As Independence Day Approaches

As Independence Day approaches, take about 8 minutes and watch this emotional Jon Stewart video from his return to the Daily Show after the 9/11/01 attacks in Manhattan. It was almost five years ago - can you believe it?

A tip of the hat to distantimage364 at YouTube


Gwen Ifill Misleads About Her Role in Edwards/Cheney Debate

Gwen Ifill Misleads About Her Role in Edwards/Cheney Debate
Fingers Senator John Edwards Unfairly

Duncan Black has posted a "gotcha" that exposes an unfairness to Senator John Edwards by public television journalist Gwen Ifill that should be put into the public sphere and exposed for exactly what it is - an UNTRUTH. I'm so glad that Duncan did it. I've always respected Gwen Ifill, but I could never abide by such a slur (and I consider it to be a slur) when it is so very unawarranted. Senator Edwards wasn't responding in a vacuum when asked Dick Cheney, who had used his own family's experience as a context for remarks he made about same-sex unions, to expound on the subject - and then gave Senator Edwards 90 seconds to respond. Yet Ms. Ifill seems to want to make others believe that he was responding in said vacuum - "apropos of nothing" in her slur-words. Perhaps, as a longstanding PBS News Hour interviewer, she is a tad uncomfortable with political incorrectness, but she asked a daring debate question that requires one to cast political incorrectness aside, then blamed the respondent for replying with the same refreshing honesty. That's nothing but horseshit!