Friday, December 05, 2003

Howard Dean Meet-Up
Wednesday, December 3, 2003
Syracuse, N.Y.

from a photo by V. L. Trojnor

I'm there in the back...under the bright turquoise highlighting.
We have a great group of Howard Dean supporters in Syracuse.
Nice venue--the Spaghetti Warehouse in Syracuse.

Talkin' 'Bout Chad and Me

Talkin' 'Bout Chad and Me

Chad of the dogtulosba,ink. blog and I have had an interesting discussion this past 24 hours about an error I made in classifying President Bush's garment as a "grey Army bomber". Turns out it's actually a "workout jacket".

It turned out to be a discussion about more than a fashion-lesson, though.

Although I learned the basic difference between a bomber-style and a workout- style jacket (along with the meaning of a term that's new to me.."asshat"), my one regret is that Chad seems to want to persist in stripping away my claim to intelligence and responsible research because I did not know the fashion-lingo.

I would implore and invite him any any other bloggers, regardless of political ideology, to come on in and take a look around this blog.

I wasn't voted one of the best (lesser-known) political blogs by E-The-People for having nothing of substance for my readers.

So, back to Chad..and me..

You know, I think Chad and I might yet actually become adversarial yet blog-collegial friends.