Saturday, July 17, 2004


Photo by Iddybud


Let FOX News prove they're fair- In court!

Let FOX News prove they're fair- In court!

At Editor & Publisher, we learn that and other groups announced this afternoon that on Monday they will deliver "legal papers" to Fox News' studio in New York City, challenging the network's use of the tagline "Fair and Balanced."

I can't imagine a more interesting and fair use of the justice system. Let's get it out in the open. Let the lawyers on each side line themselves up and let's hear them arguing the merits of their respective sides. It will provide an opportunity for some of the best media coverage ever. Imagine FOX News' own coverage of the legal battle in which they are smack-dab in the center. How rich. How fair. How balanced.


It's hot in southern Iraq

It's hot in southern Iraq 
"The temperature has been creeping up steadily for the past few weeks and now the daytime highs are rarely less than 110, down south it is even worse, it is often a good 10 degrees hotter in Basra than Baghdad, and being so close to the Persian Gulf and the humidity makes August in Washington seem like winter in Vail. We had lifted from Baghdad at 0800 in hopes of getting in a full days work down south, as well as hopefully avoiding the worst of the day’s heat while cooped up in the back of a helicopter. This was hopelessly optimistic......"


This is an excerpt from Eric Jewett ( reporting on John Negroponte's first trip to Basra (in southern Iraq) in his role as as the new ambassador. He claims the  threat level there is lower than the Sunni triangle, but there are still occasional mortar or rocket attacks and IEDs. He gives us a USAID success-story abour their restoring  of drinking water from the Sweetwater to canal to the citizens of Basra.

He sounds mostly hot and tired. Especially hot. I think Eric's ready to come home.

Imagine our soldiers out there.