Friday, October 15, 2004

Jon Stewart Slams Tucker Carlson/CNN's Crossfire

Jon Stewart Slams Tucker Carlson/CNN's Crossfire


I can't begin to tell you how much I respect Jon Stewart. At, there's a brief rundown about Jon's appearance on Crossfire today. You'll need a subscription or one-day pass to read it.


"..I think you're a lot more fun on your show," said Tucker Carlson to "Crossfire" guest Jon Stewart this afternoon. "And I think you're as much of a dick on your show as on any other," Stewart shot back. It wasn't the faux avuncularity we've come to expect from Stewart on "The Daily Show" but there, of course, he's playing a role. Here he was himself -- and he wasn't buying any of it...

...Carlson tried to counter Stewart's criticism by pointing out that during John Kerry's recent appearance on "The Daily Show," Stewart asked the candidate softball questions. "If you want to measure yourself against a comedy show," Stewart said, "be my guest..."

..."I thought you were going to be funny," Carlson said toward the end of the interview. Stewart responded, "No, I'm not going to be your monkey."
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"..I watch your show every day, and it kills me. It's so painful to watch...What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery...You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably....The thing is, we need your help...Right now, you're helping the politicians and the corporations and we're left out there to mow our lawns..."

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Why the shame, Cheneys? Why the Shame?


Why the Shame, Cheneys? Why the Shame?
"Senator Kerry could have made his point about gay and lesbian Americans without mentioning the Vice President's daughter. However, this shouldn't distract us from the fact that President Bush, Karl Rove and other Republicans have been using gay and lesbian families as a political wedge issue in this campaign."

--Patrick Guerriero, Log Cabin Republican Executive Director

It's time we started discussing the issue of being gay in America straight up. *pun intended*

I cannot believe, with the way the Cheneys are acting, that they could be proud of their daughter Mary. As an American with many gay friends and relatives, that really disturbs me. I feel embarrassed for Mary for having been put at the center of this controversy. The ones mostly responsible are her own parents.

Why are the Cheneys acting as if they are ashamed of their girl? Why?

Is it because they think it will get them extra votes from Bible-thumping redneck gay-bashers in swing states? If so, the dirty shame is upon them, not Mary.

What on earth is wrong with someone referring to a third party as a lesbian?

If that person is a self-avowed lesbian, what is politically "cheap" about referring to her as such?

If someone lives their life proudly as a gay American and fights for the rights of other gay Americans (as Mary Cheney does), why should they (or their proud family) be offended by the very mention of the fact they're gay?

If the Cheneys respected all of our gay sons and daughters and wanted the best life for them and all gay Americans, why would they take pot-shots at people in public life who have shown particular interest in and promotion of gay rights?

Why hasn't Cheney been a better public spokeperson and politician for his own daughter's (and all gay American's) interests? Why have the Cheneys given the gay rights issue only lip service while exploiting their own child for the wedge issue they're purposefully dumping on the electoral doorstep?

The Cheneys must be hypocrites who are ashamed of their gay daughter. It's the only lesson I can take away from this turn of events.

I'm glad I don't have parents like Lynne and Dick Cheney. My parents would never think of doing this to me. If I were in Mary's place, the day after John Kerry made the comment about my life, I know my parents would have not exploited me. My loving parents would have made my life's hard work shine proudly in the face of any political hardship they were facing.

Poor Mary. My heart goes out to her and to all gay Americans who are being used for political sport. The way I see it, if you're going to be used as an example by a politician, you're best hope is that it's a politician who is actuallty fighting for what you've been fighting for.

Mary- John Kerry is on your side.

See Barbara O'Brien's commentary at American Street

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Media Matters- Despite conservative accusations, Kerry didn't "out" Mary Cheney

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) responds to Lynne Cheney's comments

Lynne Cheney denied her daughter was gay four short years ago

The denial as reported at John Kerry's lesbian moment
"Dick and Lynne Cheney screamed foul when the Democratic candidate mentioned their gay daughter. But for gays and lesbians, what is most outrageous is the Cheneys' outrage"

Columnist Bart Whiteman's views on the situation
"Kerry now is a “bad man” in their eyes, not because he is trying to put them on the unemployment line, but because he said something actually supportive of their daughter in response to a purposely provocative question lobbed by moderator Bob Schieffer..Let's get one thing straight. It is not an insult to call a proudly public lesbian a lesbian. It's an insult to gasp when someone calls her a lesbian.."

Some Kerry supporters don't even like me talking about this

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Hilary Rosen/WP- "The silent but admirable Mary Cheney has remained a loyal daughter and foot soldier in this homophobic campaign. I feel sorry for her.."

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