Thursday, November 06, 2003

Cowardice violations can be punished by death

Cowardice violations can be punished by death.

Luckily, the Army dismissed a cowardice charge and filed a lesser count against an Army interrogator who sought counseling after he saw the body of an Iraqi man cut in half by American fire.

The poor fellow won't have to die because he got upset and sick over a bloody mangled corpse cut in half.

Oh, goodie.

How awesome of the Army to not kill him.

I'm feeling warm and about you?

There's a great recruiting come-on...

"Join us and we just might not KILL you for puking when you see someone's guts blown all over you."

The bogeymen are allegedly stalking American cities

The bogeymen are allegedly stalking American cities


MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, is reporting a message titled "A Warning to Muslims in America". It's an alleged directive which was issued by the previously unknown "Islamic Bayan Movement" and first ran on the Global Islamic Media Web site this past Monday.

I wonder--is this a deliberate scare tactic on the part of MEMRI (who has shown unusual bias against the Arab world in the past) ...or our own government?
I trust them so little these days that I wouldn't put it past them.
FOX is always a seemingly willing and avid participant in the dissemination of dramatic and terrifying information.

Maybe it's just fundamental Islam f*king with our minds.

All I know (and/or believe) is this--
1. There's a hell of a lot more good people in this world than there are terrorists.
2. We have never come close to meeting the objective of bringing Saddam or Osama Bin Laden to justice.
Where are they? If we were really going to be tough Texas-troopers, why weren't a couple of cheap-ass bullets to the back of the head used to remove Saddam and Osama instead of hundreds of American troops' lives and hundreds and hundreds more troops' limbs (while we still don't have them?)
3. We haven't come close to meeting the objective of 'draining the swamp' of terrorists. The bogeymen are still
taunting us (or at least we're being told they are) and they are multiplying like baby rabbits since we hopped on the Iraq war-wagon.
4-With righteous and simple, decent leadership, we could turn this mess around.

Who's the Enemy?
Have you seen this theory?

Do you buy into rumors and suspicion when you consider that in the Middle East, November 9th is written as "9-11"?

Are you going to let this stop you from shopping?

Will you still keep that Broadway show on your intinerary?

A great cross-section of Politics in the real America

A great cross-section of Politics in the real America

General Discussion at American View is one of the best cross-section representations of the real America.
This is a group of people who are decidedly diverse in their political affiliations.
They have known eachother for several years and through all forms of heated argument, have found a way to
stay together and talk it through..and walk away when necessary.

This is what America's all about.
The view cannot possibly be more American than this.

Unbelievable: Executive privilege seen as leak-case option

Executive privilege seen as leak-case option
Shielding material is not ruled out

Beyond belief.

Filthy treason may be upheld and shielded under the name of Executive privilege.

I'd say "only in America.." but this kind of thing would happen in any nation in this world where
the people are corruptly barred from justice.
Without a special prosecutor, there will never be any justice...let alone any fruitful investigation.

"Despite President Bush's repeated pledges of full cooperation, administration officials yesterday refused to rule out invoking executive privilege to shield some documents from Justice Department investigators looking into whether someone in the White House illegally leaked the name of a CIA operative...."

Peace Deal Aborted


ABC did some damn good investigative journalism here.
This story has long, swift legs. Congress had best keep up with it.

Note to Congress:






Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfled said at a Pentagon news conference Thursday:
"The regime of Saddam Hussein had ample - well beyond ample - opportunity to avoid war..."

They forgot to add a line he didn't vocalize, yet what I imagine must be true...

"...but we did not- in good faith - allow them an ample - opportunity to avoid a war that we knew would take the lives of hundreds of our own troops and thousands of Iraqi civilians' lives."

I strongly believe Donald Rumsfeld is lying through his teeth.

Sports, Ideology and Other Distractions by Anonymoses

Sports, Ideology and Other Distractions

-On Exploiting Decent People
-Rising to the Top
-The Evolution of Cooperation


This is an excellent column by blogateer (modern-day pamphleteer) Anonymoses.