Monday, December 19, 2005

Peace, Poverty Mocked by Bushworld

Peace, Poverty Mocked by Bushworld
At Christmas, the biblical prophet Micah's words of of Peace, Love, and Mercy are betrayed by an unforgiving national theology

Christmas Spirit Mocked by World of War, Torture
by Caroline Arnold

Wouldn’t President Santa announce Peace on Earth beginning immediately with an end to bombing Iraq and the withdrawal of American troops? Wouldn’t he stop all torture without exception. Wouldn’t he take responsibility for reducing our WMDs and addressing global warming? And wouldn’t he call for a Christmas amnesty for detainees at Guantanamo Bay and in the CIA’s secret prisons?

If Santa’s elves were in Congress wouldn’t they hear the angels’ song of Peace on Earth, and seek mercy for the poor and oppressed instead of tax cuts for the rich and war for the victims of tyranny?

With Santa leading the free world wouldn’t the Great Kings of Oil, Pharmaceuticals and Finance want to bring substantial gifts to the least among us – adequate food, clean water, medicine for AIDS, malaria and preventable diseases, technology/tools/ information, renewable energy supplies, stable livelihoods, sustainable ecologies, and self-determination?

And wouldn’t all of us poor shepherds pitch in to make sure all children on earth had homes, healthy air, water and food, education, and hopes of things Bright and Beautiful?

Do justice, seek mercy, and walk humbly. It’s Christmas.

*Tip o' the hat to Carlos at Jesus Politics, who is bewildered and incredulous this year at the perversion of Christmas by George W. Bush.

Bush Press Conference

Bush Press Conference

Here's the official transcript.

Most provacative press corps question:
I wonder if you can tell us today, sir, what, if any, limits you believe there are or should be on the powers of a President during a war, at wartime? And if the global war on terror is going to last for decades, as has been forecast, does that mean that we're going to see, therefore, a more or less permanent expansion of the unchecked power of the executive in American society?

PRESIDENT (Downplaying relevance of WMD):
..I gave a speech prior to the liberation of Iraq, when I talked about a broader strategic objective, which is the establishment of democracy. And I've talked about democracy in Iraq. Certainly it's not the only rationale; I'm not claiming that. But I also want you to review that speech so that you get a sense for not only the desire to remove a threat, but also the desire to help establish democracy.

The President's hopes for 2006 (but don't ask him too much about Iraq, chump!)

Q: Looking ahead to this time next year, what are the top three or top five -- take your pick -- accomplishments that you hope to have achieved? And in particular, what is your best-case scenario for troop levels in Iraq at this time next year?

PRESIDENT: I hope the world is more peaceful. I hope democracy continues to take root around the world. And I hope people are able to find jobs...I want New Orleans and Mississippi to be better of my hopes is, is that people are able to find hope and optimism after the Katrina disaster down there, that people's lives get up and running again, that people see a brighter future. I've got a lot of hopes, and I'm looking forward to working with Congress to get those -- to achieve some big goals.......I hope by now you've discovered something about me, that when I say we're not going to have artificial timetables of withdrawal, and/or try to get me out on a limb on what the troop levels will look like..
..Nice try. End of your try.