Monday, June 12, 2006

Iowa Poll: John Edwards #1 for 2008

Iowa Poll:
John Edwards #1 for 2008

Senator Edwards: "It was a nice gift to see we still had friends in Iowa." -

About the Poll - Experts say it's the first poll showing anyone besides Clinton as the preferred Democrat in the race for the White House. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was defeated by former Sen. John Edwards in an early Iowa poll - a rare blow to Clinton's front-runner status for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

One America Committee blog: Edwards Leads Dems in Iowa for 2008

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Sweetness - From David Yepsen/
The poll is all sweetness for John Edwards. The 2004 vice-presidential nominee is the Iowa front-runner with 30 percent. That, in turn, will help his fund-raising and his ability to attract top talent and support elsewhere...A victory for Edwards here in 2008 would make him the leading alternative to Clinton and give him an important boost toward the nomination.

Geoffrey Nunberg: John Edwards' storytelling ability is a real strength [Raw Story]