Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Truth Will Not Be Televised

The Truth Will Not Be Televised

The truth will not be televised,
but you will see it trickling in
to this blog, drip by drip,
until the river of truth flows
through a canyon of hard-won hope.


Scott Lewis, an Army Reserve sergeant home after 15 months in Iraq, spoke just a few words.

"We need some new ideas in Iraq," he said. "People criticize John Kerry for changing his mind about Iraq, but I think that's actually a strength. And I'm a Republican."

Doug Madory, a recently discharged Air Force captain, was the last. He spent four months in Iraq, but most of his deployment was spent in Italy.

He spoke of the way Italians embraced American servicemen in brotherhood after Sept. 11 and said, "President Bush squandered a good deal of that support all through Europe by rushing headlong into Iraq. George Bush should be held accountable. . . . People around the world are with us, but are not with George Bush."

From David Broder, 16 September

Dan Rather!? Where Was the Outrage When...

Dan Rather!? Where Was the Outrage When...

Laura Rozen is feeling intimidated when it comes to reporting on any news which may be construed as unfavorable to American power these days.

I want you to read her statement, and then I have a question upon which you may ponder and discuss with me:

The neocons call those reporting unfavorably on Iraq, on the FBI counterintelligence investigation of alleged espionage, and who allegedly leaked US Iran intel to Chalabi, etc. "McCarthyites". But who's really McCarthyite?

Let's be clear about what is going on here. They are trying to intimidate people from reporting on an existing investigation. To act as if it does not exist, as if that will make it go away. They are not just saying the allegations are not true, which they have a right to say, if that's their opinion. They are obviously not the judge or jury. They are trying to make it illegitimate to even report on the investigation at all. As if reporting on its existence is in and of itself an unethical act.

Think about it. Would they also want us not to report on allegations of, say, Saudi espionage in the US, or of Congressional investigations into terrorist finance? No, they champion that.

What about French espionage at, say, NATO? We've heard of those cases during the Kosovo war. No, they champion reporting on that.

They just want to prevent reporting on an existing investigation into who allegedly leaked US Iran intel to Chalabi and Aipac. Does that investigation make some of those people uncomfortable? Sure. Does that give them a right to try to threaten and intimidate people trying to report on it? To understand and report what the investigation is about? An investigation, after all, that the reporters did not create, but government agencies did?

That's insane.

Question: Where was the outrage?

The Dan Rather flap is flitting all over media creration. It is saturating and drowning the American consciousness. It is sating the right wing pundits.

Where was the outrage when Bush's lies were exposed and we reached the tipping point when we realized there would be
no WMD found,
there was no imminent threat from Iraq,
there were to be no flowers nor would there be roses,
that civil war was fast approaching, a scenario which the Pentagon (unbelievably) never saw coming,
that over 1000 of our trusting troops' lives were erased by a sick foreign policy, manipulation of known-to-be shaky intelligence, and a poorly planned pre-emptive attack?

Where was the outrage?

Rather than crying for Rather's lather (pun intended), why is the American public not appropriately aware of the facts about what has become a far worse security mess than Vietnam ever was?

Is it because anyone in the media who dares to cross the Bush administration and/or the Neocons are turned to anti-Semitic toast the moment they get a bit too appropriately noticeable?

Consider me the canary in the coal mine.
I think some of us are in danger by speaking freely here in America.
You're free as long as you stick to the right-wing/neocon talking points.
I sense that our first amendment freedoms are not only being manipulated, but are being absolutely throttled by the fear of recrimination of a most personal nature. No tin foil hats here, people. This is the way it is in America at this sad moment in our history

Our troops may not realize it, but lately they are only fighting for 50% of America's freedom.

RIP: Johnny Ramone

Godspeed, Johnny

RIP: Johnny Ramone

Johnny Ramone has died at the age of 55. Losing a five-year battle against prostate cancer, he died in his sleep at his Los Angeles home yesterday afternoon. He was surrounded by family and friends. Along with his wife, Linda Cummings, friends including Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder, singer Rob Zombie, Lisa Marie Presley, Pete Yorn, Vincent Gallo and Talia Shire were gathered at Ramone's bedside yesterday.

Annan: Iraq War Was Illegal

Annan: Iraq War Was Illegal

From a BBC World News Interview with Kofi Annan:

Owen Bennet-Jones: So-you don't think there was legal authority for the war?

Kofi Annan: I have stated clearly that it was not in conformity with the Security Council - with the UN Charter.

Jones: It was illegal?

Annan: Yes, if you wish.



Edwards: No draft with John Kerry presidency

Edwards: No draft with John Kerry presidency

"There will be no draft when John Kerry is president."

--Senator John Edwards, speaking in Parkersburg, W.V. yesterday, when asked whether the draft would be reinstated

Theocracy Watch: Pennsylvania Speaking Tour

Theocracy Watch: Pennsylvania Speaking Tour

Are We Becoming a Theocracy?
How Dominion Theology Is Subverting the U.S. Constitution

Beginning this Saturday in Pittsburgh, PA, Joan Bokaer of the Theocracy Watch website, along with a team of volunteers, will be on the road, making presentations meant to inform people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey about the disturbing rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party. In this talk, the speakers examine dominionism in U.S. government, tracking the key players in this movement and exposing their plan to remove the barriers between church and state and replace the U.S. Constitution with Biblical law. Joan’s meticulously researched evidence—in the form of congressional voting records, party platforms, speeches, legislation, and media reports—illustrates just how dramatically their seizure-by-stealth of much of the political system has succeeded.

The speaking tour schedule is here.