Sunday, December 26, 2004

Exit polls give pro-West Yushchenko big win

Exit polls give pro-West Yushchenko big win in Ukraine vote

Good news! Perhaps, if the fickle fingers of fraudulent fiddling are kept off the voting process in Ukraine today, the exit polls will prove themselves to be perfectly accurate, unlike the highly
AMERICAN election.

2004 Farce of the Year

2004 Farce of the Year

This wins my Medal of Farcedom

Oh, but have no fear! It will all be over soon.

Chris Wallace Disappoints

Chris Wallace Disappoints
Fox News worthless tripe

Chris Wallace looks like a completely watered down version of his father. In an interview with Lynne Cheney on Fox News this morning, with a completely straight face, he compared the Iraq war to 1776. He claimed the Americans were "defending their country". That is not what they are doing. The 1776 spirit is MISSING where it belongs - in the hearts of the Iraqi people. This is where the rubber of lies meets the road of reality, and there's nothing the Bush administration can do to supplement that spirit, other than to continue using our men and women as surrogate Iraqi "independence seekers".

Our troops are there based on the blatant lie (told again and again by Ms. Cheney's husband) that there was a connection to the 9/11 attacks. Let's not get carried away with patriotic fervor in such a way that we lose all sense of reality.

Chris Wallace should be ashamed of himself. He worked very hard to magnify the division of our fine American people with his entire line of questioning.

Worthless journalism.