Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why Don’t We Hear About SPP?

Why Don’t We Hear About SPP?
The U.S. Department of Commerce is, for all intents and purposes, rewriting U.S. administrative law with absolutely no Constitutional justification.
What would you think if you knew that George W. Bush, while speaking from the bully pulpit about the need to build a wall across the Mexican/U.S. border, has been pushing for a commitment to a long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the the current intensity of America’s physical control of cross-border traffic and travel within all of North America?

What would you think if you knew that President Bush was promoting a system that loosens U.S. control over the screening of travelers from foreign countries at their first point of entry into anyplace in all of North America and from that first entry, the elimination of most controls over all of the temporary movement of these travelers within North America?

What do you suppose our Founding Fathers would say about erasing U.S. borders to enrich the richest in the false name of security and erase American democracy?

What do you think about a President who would keep all of this, for the most part, a secret from the American people? (Other than an unadvertised website.)

Given this President’s track record, I imagine you would not be particularly surprised at his reticence, but I’m here to tell you that you need to pay close attention, regardless of the fact that most of the whistleblowers aren’t likely from your favorite political crowd. With our common sovereignty at stake, we need to get active to stop the unconstitutional replacement of American authority for a supranational replacement created by elites. We need to be watchdogs over our own individual rights, freedoms, and our democracy.

If you think NAFTA has proven itself to be a disaster for human rights, worker’s rights, and the health of democracy in all subscribing nations and has watered down our Constitutional freedoms, then I’m sure you’ll find the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America [SPP] to have the potential to be even more dangerous.

There's a lot more information about SPP at my post from today at American Street

- - Jude