Wednesday, November 17, 2004

cabin (poem)

by Jude Nagurney Camwell

soul aroused by roaring elucidation
exhausts its remembrance of God
rumbling words like subway trains

junk of language cluttered
the greater the dignity of angels
the fewer the words they use

it’s said the Lord spoke to Hosea
Allure the aristocrat’s soul to the
wilderness and I shall speak to her heart

moving our selves to move a world
striking out for new communion
emerging from an embodied quietude

we retreat to a cabin in the woods
pining for stillness, simplicity
we find Life is still Not simple

grey wolf stands atop the hill
motionless above the wooded glen
over a cabin and its complication

alone his breath blowing ice mist
meeting cold morning wan light
cryptic simplicity an unnecessary art

the jay unacquainted with compassion
or finding the safe haven of truth
is driven to toil for his gravid mate

his song jars us from reverie
Tull-ull the anvil call he makes
divinity dwells in dissyllabic notes

desiring enlightened days in fences captured
children of our jeweled intuition presently
fly like beams of light through our hopeful clutch

reflection too painful too loud
silence, caretaker of our wisest thought
haunts us like ghosts of the dead

wood floors sing their patterns
wind makes windows tell tales
Failed Solitude Cacophonous Elusion

any road will take us nowhere
if that is where we choose to be
this cabin is our last defense

the dead who make their world
in dreams safe from realms of fact
awaken us, recalling ancient dreams

faith is kept to the inner fires
we’ve carved the inroads to know
the cabin shall not burn to the ground

This poem of mine is featured today, at Billy the Blogging Poet's IdlehandsMag weblog. I'm a regular reader and I hope you will pay Billy a visit and enjoy the website as much as I do.

The Way It Is

The Way It Is

[I've chosen snippets of various articles around the internet. Read them and understand the way it is out here in 'left-out' America.]

--Thanks to the competent yet generous leadership of George W. Bush, the military invasion of Fallujah will certainly cure what ails us in Iraq. To be sure, the deaths of thousands of civilians will further inflame the Iraqi populace. To be sure, the number of 'insurgents' killed in Fallujah will be immediately replaced by fresh recruits. To be sure, fierce battles have erupted in Mosul, Tal Afar, Ramadi, Beiji, Baquba, Buhriz, Khabbaza, Baghdad, and indeed all across the country. To be sure, we will have to grind all these cities to powder, along with all the residents of these cities, to make sure no one thwarts our aforementioned God-given right to bomb and shoot and burn and smash whomever and whatever we please.

Fear not, however. All is well. [LINK]

--Gonzales goes from White House Counsel to Attorney General; Rice goes from NSC to State; Spellings goes from Domestic Policy Advisor to Education Secretary.

Each of them defined mainly by their loyalty to President Bush.

...the shift is not toward right, left or center, but toward more direct White House control and the silencing of dissident voices in the civil service. [LINK]

--House Republicans voted to change their rules today to allow members indicted for a felony to remain in a leadership post. [LINK]

--[The left is feeling abandoned]...
During the campaign, the Kerry campaign spent unlimited time, money and effort on denying the public the ability to vote for Ralph Nader. The attacks were political, personal, procedural---and endless.

But after spending all that energy attacking the left, the Kerry campaign lost to the most powerful and dangerous crew of right wing extremists this nation has ever seen---and then had no time at all to make sure the vote count was fair or accurate. Kerry's hurried, feeble plea that George W. Bush heal the wounds of disunity in this country must have been greeted with gales of laughter in Karl Rove's White House.

At the grassroots, among those of us who labored long and hard to unseat that vicious, hateful, anti-democratic regime, Kerry's sorry surrender has evoked utter horror.

This election saw an unprecedented grassroots outpouring. Kerry was not an inspiring candidate. Until the last month, his campaign was a study in ineptitude.

But tens of millions of Americans were (and are) terrified of who and what now controls the federal government. Uncounted thousands came out to make phone calls, canvass door-to-door and drive likely Democrats to the polls.

But when it was so dubiously over, Team Kerry had no such commitment. Not to victory. Not to fair play. Not to the hard work of those who volunteered with such amazing energy and commitment.

Kerry's sad, premature swoon gave the Republicans a totally open field to claim victory for their hateful "moral" values, for infinite deficits, for environmental destruction, for an extremist judiciary, you name it.

On TV, "strategists" like James Carville, Robert Shrum and so many other slick operators grovelled shamelessly at the "brilliance" of Karl Rove while ignoring the miserable campaign they mis-handled right from the start. Arnold Schwarzenegger called the Democrats a bunch of losers, and this is exactly who he meant. [LINK]

--[In the halls of New Europe..]
The European Union is now, arguably, the world's largest superpower. Militarily, the US is the undisputed champ. But in eceonomic terms, and in notions of freedom, the welfare of its citizens, and in human rights, we've been lapped. [LINK]

-- "I am a democrat," James Joyce wrote in 1916, while an entire generation of Europe's young men were slaughtering each other in the fields of Flanders. "I'll work and act for the social liberty and equality among all classes and sexes in the United States of the Europe of the future." People read that and laughed bitterly. Europe seemed poisoned by mustard gas and history; America was the land of liberty, democracy and the future. Nobody's laughing now.[LINK]

--[On Powell resignation..]
If the second Bush term is going to be mainly full of Fallujahs, - I suppose Colin [Powell] is well out of it. Seeing the iron fist lowered over and over again to little political advantage would be the more depressing the closer you were to the decision-making process. [LINK]

--[Thanks to twits like Al From, some disappointed Dems are thinking of going toward a third party]
"Democratic activists have been alternately attacked and ignored for too long now. I am genuinely starting to see the rationale behind leaving the party and putting down stakes in some third party organization. I'm not sure what, exactly, although Cobb's Green party is far more amenable than Nader's. But I'm simply tired of being treated like nothing more than an ATM. I'm tired of the party choosing to spit on my beliefs while insisting I support them. I'm tired of losing while cringing; if we're going to lose I'd rather lose fighting.

I know many of you will talk about intraparty reform, but I'm not convinced. I saw what they did to Howard Dean. And I know my history. I know about Bill Bradley, Jerry Brown, and Eugene McCarthy. I know there were probably many others as well. It seems the Establishment has enough power to control the primaries. Indeed, that may be why they're pushing Vilsack and his Iowa Protection Plan so strongly.

The party cannot exist without an ideological base. In order for the "party leadership" to mean anything, they need people to lead. And this, ultimately, is where "we have the power". We have the power to walk out
.." [LINK]

Rock your baby

Take Me in your arms
Rock your baby

-George Mc Crae (circa 1975)

National Review Reviews Only Half of Nation

"Liberals of America, unite! Leave this horrid and wicked and irredeemable backwater!"

National Review Reviews Only Half of Nation
The rest can go screw themselves somewhere in Canada

Somebody should let Stephen Moore know that America is ours just as much as it's his, and we never planned to abandon it to divisive assholes like him.

We need to be a "United" States, and this little weasel is jumping on the open wounds of a nation. You'd think he'd be all for contributing to a new vision for the future - after all, his team won.

We can only conclude this IS the National Review's "vision" - and it's a dismal one at that - the vision that only half the nation should be 'left behind' to own America, and they hope the other half will disappear. Matter of fact, they'll help make them disappear.

So much for the greatness of the ideas of these jerkweeds.

Some great Americans. I submit to you, dear readers, exactly what is wrong with America today.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration aggregates as much concentrated power as it can gather while the wound oozes and democracy is left to die like the wounded in Fallujah's mosques.

"Wait!" Stephen Moore says as he sees half the nation is still alive - although barely - "They're fu*king faking they're dead!" BANG! BANG! Moore shoots half the nation dead in order to save his barely-half majority...

"They're not faking anymore!"

It's time to change National Review's Name to 'Half Nation Review'.