Monday, September 06, 2004

Let Us Not Forget Iraq

Let Us Not Forget Iraq

I know you aren't hearing as much about the news on Iraq as you once did on mainstream media.
The presidential campaign seems to suck all the relevance away from the land where our troops are supporting Iraq... and dying.
Eleven today--and my heart and my prayers are with the families of each one.

When it comes to keeping us informed on Iraq, noboby does it better than Juan Cole.

These are the latest headlines at Professor Cole's site:

September 3:

The CEO Test for Bush
7 Dead in Latifiyah
Qaradawi Calls for Attacks on Americans in Iraq

September 4:

Iraq War Continues into Month 17; Dozens Killed, nearly 100 wounded in Multiple Clashes, Bombings
AIPAC Spy Case Update
Sullivan on Cole
Two US Soldiers Wounded; Demonstration at Fallujah

September 5:

National Council Elects 4 Vice-Chairmen
Iraqi Government Extends Ban on al-Jazeerah
Najaf: The Aftermath as Viewed by Iraqis

September 6:

Bombing Near Fallujah, Clashes in Najaf
Fighting in Tal Afar, Latifiyah; 1100 US Troops Wounded in August

Dear John Kerry: Turn your scars into stars

"The Vietnam Vets are vital in the fight for America to reclaim its soul."

Dear John Kerry: Turn your scars into stars

Patty Ann Smith of Hope4America has a theory and I think it should be discussed across the blogdom--and beyond.

This is Patty Ann's "Turn your scars into stars" theory:

• The symbolism of revisiting the Vietnam War as a means of choosing our next President may simply come down to Divine Providence.

• The Vietnam Vets...and John Kerry is one of them...who tell the truth about Vietnam are here to liberate America from over 30 years of lies.

• This country has been built more and more on lies ever since then.

• The Vietnam Vets are vital in the fight for America to reclaim its soul.

• A vote for John Kerry for President is a vote for us, as a nation, to have closure from a past filled with lies.

• John Kerry's Mission will not be completed until America is free from those lies that have continued since the Vietnam War right up to today and the War in Iraq.

God Challenges Zell to a Duel

God Challenges Zell to a Duel

God doesn't like lies and He's showing it.

Seeing that one His servants, Zell Miller, took the opportunity to use His name in vain at the Republican National Convention last week, God is sending a mighty glove with which to slap Zell across the cheek.

The glove, in the form of a hurricane named Frances, will wallop Zell's hometown of Young Harris, GA this week.

Sounds like a challenge to an almighty duel.

You don't mess with God.

The Big Guy's sending a woman to tell Zell a holy what-for.
He might send Ivan next.

I wonder, when will God get out of Zell's face?

*That's h-u-r-r-i-c-a-n-e.
Not to be confused with Zell's preferred weapons of choice:
b-a-n-j-o and b-u-s-h.

Zell Humor From Mad Kane

Mad Kane presents Zell Haiku:

Zell betrayed the Dems,
Slurred Kerry for GOP.
He's Rove's problem now.

Mad Kane introduces a new Zell limerick:

Ode to the "Zellot"
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There once was a turncoat named Zell,
Whose soul to George Bush he did sell.
Gave a speech so insane,
That Dub's love for him waned,
So Karl sent the man packing pell-mell.

Care to add any of your own?
See the comments section below!

Why Were Lies and Physical Violence Accepted at RNC?

Why Were Lies and Physical Violence Accepted at RNC?

"This election has become a test of whether reality still means anything to the American people, whether this country has moved to essentially a new form of government in which one side is free to lie about everything while a paid “amen corner” of ideological media drowns out any serious public debate... LINK


Last week's bitter RNC attacks coming from the stage, stocked with many hyperbolic lies, demonstrated that Karl Rove and Company wish to destroy the reputation of anyone who dares question the Bushites.
They made it clear.
Any politician who tries to strike up a meaningful debate which could possibly result in Americans taking up a view which opposes the Bushites will suffer stinging rhetorical negativity based upon sheer lies, if need be.
As things progress, Americans who believe something totally independent of the GOP talking points-- and dare to speak out about it-- are apparently going to be at increased risk of physical harm from Republicans.

For example, the Satanic look on Zell Miller's face at the RNC podium last week matched the attitude of a young Republican when he consciously chose to kick a female protester after ripping the sign from her hands and knocking her to the ground.
It looked like 1930s Italy.
The only thing this nasty excuse for a decent human being was missing was his Mussolini Black Shirt.

I wonder---was the physical attack upon this non-violent protester an embodiment of the GOP's will?

Did Zell Miller's madman rantings or Dick Cheney's machismo hatespeak at the podium legitimize violence in this young Republican mind?

If so, this nation is in dire trouble, dear readers.

See for yourself.

Talk Left's Jeralyn has more on the Blackshirt unnamed young Republican male.