Saturday, June 11, 2005

June 11 Tar Heel Tavern

June 11 Tar Heel Tavern
Don't miss this week's edition of the Tar Heel Tavern at "A Sort of Notebook." Waterfall has done an excellent job of showcasing THT participants' entries based upon this week's theme: "Back to Nature."

Back to Nature

Back to Nature
"O you, who covers the high places with waters,
who sets the sand as a bound to the sea and upholds all things,
the sun sings your praises; the moon gives you glory,
Every creature offers a hymn to you, his author and creator forever."

- An Eastern Orthodox prayer

About These First Four photos:
1. I took this at sunset in Sedona, Az. after returning from a hike.
2. My nieces at an apple farm in Central New York. The orchards are a popular place in upstate N.Y. in the Fall.
3.A shell on the beach in Maine. I just loved the way the sand sparkled in the sun that day.
4. The Adirondack Mountains in Autumn. It looked like a watercolor painting - and the photo is true to that which my eyes had observed that late September day near the Stillwater Resevoir.

This was taken in the Adirondack Mountains, in summertime. You can take a hike and sit on an isolated beach and meditate all day if you want. The Adirondacks are filled with these gorgeous spots.

These Four photos:
1. A cute-looking deer I came across on a hike in the Adirondack Mountains (which, in a creepy way, hissed at me immediately after I took the photo and caused me to move along rather quickly).
2. Sunset, Oswego, NY (Lake Ontario)
3. Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, N.Y.
* Legend has it that Chief Taughannock and his band of Delaware indians raided the Iroquois tribes in this area (Cayuga & Seneca), but were defeated and most of the Delawares who did survive were adopted by their captors. One of these braves fell in love with White Lily, a Cayuga maiden. One dark night the the brave and White Lily fled toward the Delaware's canoe on the shore of Cayuga Lake. Being chased by the Cayuga braves, the entire village was alerted and joined in the chase. Running through the pine forest the couple knew they would not make the crossing at the creek above the falls. Chosing death over the torture that would be inflicted on the brave per the Iroquois code, they stood on the edge of the falls, embraced, and leapt. Since it was dark, the villagers returned to the in the morning to gather the remains for burial. But when they returned, they could not find the brave and maiden. It was said that the Great Spirit was aware of the young couple's love and he opened the "door" high on the side of the ravine. When they jumped he ushered them through the secret passageway and closed the door tightly behind them.
4. My father, fishing in the ocean, Brewster, Mass, Cape Cod

The Adirondack Mountains in the Fall - You'll notice I use the Adirondacks for my photographic subject quite often. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This photo was taken at the Nature Center at Newcomb, N.Y. I literally ran into a black bear while hiking there one August evening. Newcomb is the site of a Teddy Roosevelt festival each September. Teddy Roosevelt spent many vacations as a young lad in the Adirondacks. While staying at the Tahawus Club, located in the township of Newcomb, and hunting on Mount Marcy, Guide Harrison Hall climbed Mount Marcy to inform TR that President McKinley was near death. En route from Tahawus to the North Creek train station, TR became president of the United States, upon the death of McKinley.


Next Two Photos, which are side by side:
1. A scene from a Shaker's settlement at Sabbathday Lake, Maine (near Poland Spring - and before you ask, the answer is "no," there is no tourist stop for any particular spring where the Poland Spring Company draws its water. I know because I went in search myself). A lovely recording of Shaker hymns was made by the Boston Camerata at Sabbathday Lake.

2. The sky - in all its glory. Taken in Sedona, Az.

Feet: There is nothing that feels better than dipping your toes into the ocean. I took this photo of Robert's feet on Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Mass.

Oak Creek Canyon, Az