Monday, June 28, 2004

Impulsive Bush oversteps diplomatic boundaries

Impulsive Bush oversteps diplomatic boundaries

Jacques Chirac has called Bush out on his bold ignorance, which I believe is par for the course for our overly impulsive President these days. He can't seem to hold his childish tongue for the good sake of necessary diplomacy.

Speaking in Ireland (where he was heartily protested), Bush claimed Turkey "successfully blends a European identity with the Islamic traditions" and should be admitted to the EU.

Everyone knows Bush needs Turkey's assistance with the Iraq problem and will do anything to get it...even if it means opening his mouth in matters where he should keep it shut for the sake of productive diplomacy.

Yesterday, it's said nearly one-hundred thousand people in Turkey spilled into the streets to tell us what they think of our war on Iraq (and what they think of Bush).

Turkey is becoming a terribly troubled democracy because of our decision to enter this unnecessary war.

In the New York Times, the headline reads: "As Bush Confers With NATO, U.S. Is Seen Losing Its Edge".

Bush makes diplomatic gaffe after diplomatic gaffe. Does anyone wonder why there has been resistance from normally friendly allies like Germany, France and Japan and from international organizations long dominated by the U.S.?

Evertime this boob of a President opens his mouth we lose more support and respect from our former trusting (and needed) allies.

We need a leader who can reason intelligently, who can think on his feet, and communicate exactly what he's thinking.

We don't have a leader like that right now.

Heaven help us, we don't.

Bremer Takes Hike-Military Left Behind to Clean Mess

Bremer Takes Hike-Military Left Behind to Clean Mess

..which serves to make today's Iraq news less than joyous..."

What Bush said:

"..the Iraqi people have their country back."

What Bush didn't say:

"At this time, I have no clue what will become of our American troops."

Crybaby whines after baiting Moore moviegoers

Crybaby whines after baiting Moore moviegoers

'Fahrenheit 9/11' is bound to raise plenty of spirited discussion. One fellow decided to confront a crowd who'd just seen one of the most (if not THE most) controversial documentaries in history and forgot that there are consequences and risks whenever you decide to act in this manner. (Perhaps he could have been more smart and effective in going home and writing a letter to his local news editor?) I believe Newsmax is wanting desperately to broadcast anything negative they possibly can about a movie that, despite their own efforts to stop its momentum, has already broken box-office records. I imagine that is why Newsmax chose to place the sordid little story about this crybaby (and the impulsive soul who decked him) as one of their major headlines today.

Sour grapes make bad, bad whine.