Thursday, August 26, 2004

McCain's looking mighty hypocritical

McCain's looking mighty hypocritical


"527s - I think these ought to be outlawed. I think they should have been outlawed a year ago. We have billionaires writing checks, large checks, to influence the outcome of the election."
--President G.W. Bush 8-26-04

"What an impressive crowd: the haves, and the have-mores. Some people call you the elite, I call you my base."
--President G. W. Bush at a fundraising event, as seen in "Fahrenheit 9/11"

"He has condemned the 527's, which I'm pleased that he did. I'd like to see him go further....
I must and have put anything disagreeable concerning the 2000 campaign behind me. Americans don't like a sore loser."

--Sen John McCain 8-25-04


The Kerry campaign has yanked this ad per John McCain's wishes.

What has the Kerry campaign gotten in return?

Not much.

McCain says he thinks Bush has gone far enough in condemning the Swift Boat ad accusations.

I don't think Bush has gone far enough. All Bush has done is to blame 527s entirely (rather than denounce the liars who support and work with his campaign).

The White House has announced that Bush will join forces with McCain in a legal action to "crack down" on political ads aired by the 527s because of a section of the tax code that covers them. If the court action doesn't work, Bush would be willing to cram his plan to gag our free speech down our throats by pursuing legislative bully-action with McCain.

None of us should stand for this.

I'm respecting McCain less and less these days. We know what the Bush campaign did to him in 2000. He condemned the Swift Boat liars, and then gave Bush a free pass when Bush stubbornly refused to firmly denounce the ads himself.

Worse yet, he fully supports Bush's reelection and will assist the President in gagging our free speech.

Howard Dean's internet-based fund-raising campaign showed the GOP that Progressives could learn how to play the same fund-raising game better than the GOP themselves had ever learned. Suddenly, Conservatives become the imitators who lag behind. Little voices, yours and mine, have found their way to a large audience. We've discovered how we can work together. Dean's campaign awakened and inspired enough of us to take part by making our small contributions. We've learned how we would be able to opt out of the system-- because the system was broken.

The power must remain in the hands of the American people. Only the American people have the power to honestly change this broken political system. It is every citizen's duty to ensure our new-found power is not crushed by the likes of G.W.Bush and John McCain.

Swift boat smear: Why would you believe it?

Swift boat smear: Why would you believe it?

On the face of everything that has ever made common sense to you, why would you choose to believe this group of political thugs?
"...many of the veterans now accusing Kerry of being more of a poltroon than Barney Fife were supporters of the candidate, some as recently as a year ago....Hustings thugs created a blatant special interest group that exploits Vietnam veterans who served with distinction, and who may well have a fair beef with Kerry over his antiwar activities, simply to advance the political career of a candidate who used the war himself as little more than a glorified dental plan.."
--Daniel Ruth

"George Bush has two silver dental fillings in his teeth to show what he did during the Vietnam War. John Kerry has a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. You wouldn't want to be there for four hours or four minutes. John Kerry went above and beyond the call of duty, sticking his nose into enemy fire. Not everybody liked that because some were just intent on survival. But until recently, nobody ever said he did not serve honorably. John Kerry should not be alive today," He was aggressive -- more aggressive than the rest of us. That was his nature, and everybody who was there knows it."
--Rich Baker, former Navy lieutenant and Swift boat commander in Vietnam

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