Saturday, September 25, 2004

Musharraf Calls Iraq a Mistake

Musharraf Calls Iraq a Mistake

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf says the US-led invasion of Iraq has made the world a more dangerous place

"The world is more dangerous because the Iraq war has aroused the passions of the Muslims more...The war in Iraq has complicated the war on terror ... it has made the job more difficult."



What Jesse said.

What Jesse said.

We Are Losing the War In Iraq

We Are Losing
the War In Iraq

Perhaps it's a war we shouldn't "win"
This is who you are becoming.
There is none other but you sanctioning this.
In your name young boys from Newark and Sandusky
are shot at by people who live in the place
they have been marched to.

--Marge Piercy, from a poem titled "In your name"

In a speech outside Abu Ghraib prison, a top Sunni cleric associated with the Association of Muslim Scholars, which has affiliations to some 8000 Sunni mosques in Iraq, has called for the leaders of the Iraqi national guard and police not to obey the orders of Iraq's interim government.

Allawi's campaign stump for Bush has backfired in the country Allawi's trying to unite.

The cleric also called on the Iraqis to unite in a peaceful resistance against the fear and terror inflicted upon them by the "US-invaders".

Politics is moving totally against the tide of Bush policy here. If you cannot see that, I suggest you see a doctor very soon, because you may be blind. We are going to lose this war. I am not saying this because I do not love my country. I am saying this because I believe, according to anything in the universe that has ever made common sense, that we are losing the political war.

All we have left to look forward to is is cold-blooded murder and imperial force.

Is that what we want our nation to become? Does democracy and decency mean anything in our own nation anymore?

By the empowering God-given freedom acknowleged in our own Declaration of Independence by our Founding Fathers, we need to remember that the blood of innocent Iraqi citizens is on our hands--your hands, my hands--every American citizen's hands.

If we're ever going to turn it around, we know it's going to take a change in American leadership.

Sundance Channel: Live Vote For Change Concert Finale

Sundance Channel to Broadcast Live Vote For Change Concert Finale in Washington, D.C.

Friday September 24, 11:04 am ET

Documentary Special to Include Live 'Vote For Change' Concert Footage Produced and Directed By Joel Gallen
National Anthem Airs On Sundance Channel Monday, October 11, 2004 From 6:30pm to 11:30pm ET/PT

Sundance Channel announced today that the network has licensed the rights to broadcast a television special by acclaimed filmmakers Albert Maysles and D A Pennebaker. This project represents the first collaboration between the two legendary filmmakers in forty years. The television special, titled National Anthem: Inside the "Vote for Change" Concert Tour, is a documentary film consisting of behind- the-scenes footage from the tour and live performances from the final "Vote for Change" concert in Washington D.C. on October 11. National Anthem will air on Monday, October 11, 2004 from 6:30pm to 11:30pm ET/PT.


Kerry Promises: No Draft

Kerry Promises: No Draft


We've learned we cannot trust Bush. The county draft boards all around this country have been quietly recruiting, reinforced, and made ready for the draft to be reinstated. All it takes is a presidential declaration, and we will have a draft.

Bush promises nothing, but by his radical actions, his lies, and his rabid foreign policy, we know there is a shortage of volunteers to do his bidding and we can be assured that he will bring back the draft.

If Bush is re-elected and decides to reinstate the draft, he will try to blame Democrats, as he blamed Democrats for the Iraq war because they passed the Iraq resolution in 2002. In reality, the bitter divider Bush and his Republican majority in D.C. have politically rendered Democrats powerless to speak for the people at every opportunity.

Bush is a snake who will use the safety levers a nation rightly puts in place to act upon his rabid policies and refuse to take responsibility when he does act. This clearly shows he has no character and no love for the American people. He loves and obeys the Iraqi National Congress more than he loves the American Congress.

I want a president I can believe and trust. Let's vote this heap of dishonest garbage--Bush and his entire administration-- out of our White House.

This is how Republicans Dishonor armed forces

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Bruce Springsteen speaks out

Bruce Springsteen
speaks out

"Things are distorted by ratings and by money to where you're getting one hour of the political conventions. No matter how staged they are, I think they're a little more important than people eating bugs."

Springsteen has also slammed Bush, accusing him and his administration of attempting to "sanitise" TV coverage of the controversial war in Iraq.

He adds: "The fact that the administration refused to allow photographs of the flag-draped coffins of returning dead, that the president hasn't shown up for a single military funeral for the young people who gave their lives for his policies, is disgraceful."



Journalists Barred by Employers from Vote For Change concerts

Journalists Barred by Employers from Vote For Change concerts

Many professional writers in the American media will not be allowed to attend, and therefore unable to report on the Vote for Change concerts because the concerts are considered to be fund-raisers.

This is an example of ethics-gone-askew in a free and democratic society.

This is also a case where the bloggers will rule the chain of information.

I will be attending at least one the concerts and I pledge to openly discuss what happens inside the venue. I will also keep my readers abreast of any other information coming across the internet about the concerts.

We haven't been able to depend on the media to give us the truth, which we've incorrectly assumed they have cherished. I don't believe the media cherishes the truth anymore. They're too worried about covering their own asses.

It's up to the people--the silent majority--to let the chimes of true freedom ring.

REFERENCE: VOICES FOR CHANGE, Rolling Stone magazine


Musical CD-Tribute to Aung Suu Kyi Due October 26

Musical CD-Tribute to Aung Suu Kyi Due October 26

The following is the full track-listing for the new CD-set dedicated to Aung Suu Kyi,the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner who has been imprisoned many times by the Burmese government. The CD set is titled ‘For the Lady: Dedicated to Freeing Aung San Suu Kyi and the Courageous People of Burma’ and it is due out on October 26th. Proceeds from the sale of the album will benefit the non-profit organization U.S. Campaign for Burma.

Note: You can hear Rebecca Fanya's lovely song "Paper Airplanes" at CD Baby.

Disc 1:

U2 -‘Walk On’
Pearl Jam -‘Betterman’ (live)
Coldplay -‘In My Place’
Ani DiFranco -‘In the Way’
Bright Eyes -‘No Lies, Just Love'
R.E.M -‘Drive’ (live)
Avril Lavigne -‘Complicated’
Talib Kweli featuring John Legend -‘Around My Way’
Lili Haydn -‘Unfolding Grace’
Peter Gabriel -‘Here Comes the Flood’
Natalie Merchant -‘Motherland’
ManĂ¡ -‘Cuando Los Angeles Lloran’
Rebecca Fanya -‘Paper Airplanes’
Ben Harper -‘Oppression’ (live)

Disc 2:

Paul McCartney -‘Freedom’ (live)
The Nightwatchman -‘Let Freedom Ring’
Eric Clapton -‘Wonderful Tonight’
Sting -‘Fragilidad’
Bonnie Raitt -‘Angel From Montgomery’ (live)
Damien Rice -‘Lonely Soldier’ (live)
Travis -‘The Cage’
Guster -‘Keep It Together’
Hour Cast -‘Memories and Lies’
Indigo Girls -‘Perfect World’ (live)
Better Than Ezra -‘Get You In’ (live)
Matchbox Twenty -‘So Sad, So Lonely’
Mun Awng -‘Tempest of Blood’

Bush resorting to blatant lies about Kerry

Bush resorting to blatant lies about Kerry

You know it's over when Bush resorts to outright lies about his opponent, even at the media's consistent revelation that it's a lie.

Bush keeps making the insane and unfounded statement that John Kerry would prefer the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein to the situation in Iraq today.

I heard him repeat this lieline yesterday and I heard the drama queens in his Loyalty-Oath audience emit a concerted and well-trained gasp.

No one's buying it. Not Peter Jennings, who made a point to highlight the lie on the ABC news earlier this week. Not the Associated Press.

Bush has been caught lying again. This time it's a real doozy. At least no one will die as a result of this particular Bush lie...unless people are actually stupid enough to believe the liar and vote for a second Bush term. In that case, line up the coffins.

John Kerry said these words at NYU last Monday: "Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator who deserves his own special place in hell." He added, "The satisfaction we take in his downfall does not hide this fact: We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure."

He's telling the truth. That drives the Bush campaign crazy. It also drives them to lie.

David Dreier Scares Barry Goldwater

David Dreier Scares
the Hell Out of
Barry Goldwater

It's not because of the recent speculation about Dreier's gayness. This time it's because of Dreier's liberty-stealing ideas.