Friday, August 12, 2005

A US Paratrooper Is Disgusted w/Right Smears of Sheehan

A US Paratrooper Is Disgusted w/Right Smears of Sheehan

This comment appeared on my recent column, and I hope you will take a moment to see how this soldier feels about the smearing of Cindy Sheehan: (Some of the people he mentions are other Commenters at the link.)

You know, I'm not so much of a blogger but I was interested in hearing public opinion regarding this case because as I stated earlier, I am a US Paratrooper and I am curious as to how Mr. Bush would treat my mom and what all of you people would say about me and my mother if I was killed as was Casey and if my mom wanted answers as does Miss Sheehan.

I am SHOCKED and ASHAMED at what I am hearing here, What the HELL is wrong with you people, suggesting that Casey was a deserter and not even Killed? How DARE you even type such words? I have read through all of this and although I do not agree with some of what Dave Nalle suggests, he at least seems to be honest in his desire for the best interest of the American people even if he doesn't seem to have his priorities straight.

I can respect a difference of opinion if presented in a respectful manor however when people bring this Bullsh*t Partisan hackery into the mix, Are we all AMERICANS here or Not Dammit?

This suggestion that those of us who want and DESERVE a Logical explanation are somehow Anti-American or simply bush Haters is ABSURD.

Here's the real crux for all you arm chair warriors out there, How do WE, The actual foot soldiers on the ground set our minds to complete a task when we read some of you people calling US and our Mothers Traitors because we ask why we are dying. I am ALL ABOUT defending America as necessary But I do NOT believe in No Win Scenarios. This situation in Iraq is a NO WIN SCENARIO. I don't think I will continue reading blogs like this one so much because the disrespect shown here by the chicken-hawk right makes me want to lock and load all right...

Do you think we are STUPID, do you think we don't read your suggestion that our mothers are Anti-American, do you think we don't read your suggestion that an AMERICAN HERO like CASEY SHEEHAN was a deserter? Listen to me John H, you had better watch what you type when you type it. I do Not care WHAT your agenda is and I do NOT care how much you love mr. bush and are willing to wear out a keyboard for him. You had better remember one thing John H, we are YOU, we are your fathers and brothers and neighbors, and Cindy Sheehan is MY MOTHER A**hole!!

Maybe you are just writing inflammatory statements to get a rise out of the "other side" well I got news for you man, I seriously doubt there are Any MUSLIMS OR IRAQI'S posting here. Your disrespect for MCH and rebelyell and other American Service members posting on this blog is starting to really get under my skin.

I am going to post my E-mail Address and I EXPECT you to write me and explain to me why you have chosen to write such lies about Cindy and Casey Sheehan. It would be much better if you were to write it publicly here but if you want to go private we can. I will NOT Tolerate ONE MORE WORD of disrespect for this fallen hero or his poor mother. Your tax dollars have trained me to be a dangerous man, you have made enemies of EVERYONE else in the world you don't want disrespect my fellows or my family and turn your very last friend on you....

Think before you type!!

-Effendi (screen name)

Cindy Sheehan's Vacation

The vacation-destination of Crawford, TX was probably the farthest from Cindy Sheehan's mind - until this summer.

Cindy Sheehan's Vacation

"For seven days, Cindy Sheehan has been camped down the road from George Bush's Crawford ranch where the President is on a five-week vacation. Cindy says she will never enjoy a vacation again."
- One of the most effective opening lines I've seen in a long time. By Marjorie Cohn, contributing editor to Truthout

_ _ _ _

Lew Rockwell says,
"...if she can be continues to be the catalyst for the peace movement, she may signal his political Waterloo. God bless her for that."

Yesterday, President Bush said he'd heard Cindy Sheehan's alleged "Get out of Iraq" agenda "from others". At the Huffington Post, Bob Cesca has some sharp satire about President Bush, including:
...thank goodness he finally addressed Sheehan's chief concern: the "get out of Iraq" talking point she's been beating to death all this time. Off the record, you'd think she'd instead want the president to address the false and purely political justifications for the war which ultimately aborted her son in the 96th trimester. But hey, bully-bully to her for not putting the memory of her child first.

Karen Kwiatkowsi has an observation in a piece called "The Rise of the Stupid":
"..The meta-insulation is peeling off as Republicans realize this Bush is even more toxic for the GOP than his father was. Even the sweet favors of Diebold won’t be enough next time, and they know it."

Greg Mitchell has written a column for Editor and Publisher, in which he begins:
Reading some of the ample coverage of the Cindy Sheehan protest at the Bush ranch this week, I was shocked to discover that a man I know, who also lost a son in Iraq, had flown to her side. But that wasn't the only surprise.
In the meantime, the wounded soldiers are talking about the reality of this war in Iraq.

- - - -

"By the time Cindy Sheehan leaves her station at the pig farm, Bush will know that he was wrong. He will know, because "Mother" is not just half a word, as Bush and his Texas buddies, his Skull and Bones cohorts, his PNAC perps were raised to believe. "Mother" is an invincible, protective force that, if awakened and sufficiently outraged, will sweep the entire murderous bunch from their seats of evil power. Ultimately, "Mother" will bring our troops home."

- Lew Rockwell