Saturday, November 27, 2004

Progressive Blog Alliance Highlights

Progressive Blog Alliance Highlights

USAF Captain Mike Lane answers some questions from a third grade class back home.

Nick Lewis instructs a slightly older class in his post titled A Salutation to the Slaves of Maricopa's Blackboard

Don't miss "Ernie Istook Explains All" by Madeleine Begun Kane.

Trevor Blake guides us to a Blumenthal/Guardian piece that has a juicy quote from everybody's favorite political strategist Karl Rove.

Dialogic features Zarko Paic's "Overcoming the West (The errors of occidentalism)"

Karlo's here to tell you that (yes, believe it or not..) Cheney's company is in the news again.

Susannity provides additional commentary on the Kevin Sites video.

Adam Stanhope directs us to what he describes as an important article by Ian Welsh at BOP titled Empire and Ethic(The New American Republic I).

Anonymoses was inspired to write about a piece he saw at fellow North Carolina blogger Ed Cone's website.

Ron Brynaert's series "50 States Mislead Their Voters" begins here and continues here-2, here-3, here-4, update here, and part 31 (er-5?) here.

Soldiers Want Coffee for Christmas

Soldiers Want Coffee for Christmas

Can you blame them? ;)
"Coffee. None of this instant crap either. High quality, fancy ass coffee and lots of it.."
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"The only good deal is one that's verifiable." the president told reporters regarding Ukraine's election.


This is the ultimate example of hypocrisy. In the US election, verifying machine votes is nearly impossible. Ohio's vote count was virtually unverifiable.

I'm sure the world is laughing its ass off as Bush accuses Ukraine's election of being invalid.