Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bush's gift to Osama..

Bush's gift to Osama..

George W. Bush has given Osama bin Laden everything he could ever have wished for.

Bush invaded a Muslim country without just cause and in defiance of practically the entire world, and delivered to bin Laden a terrorist recruitment poster for the ages. The Middle East is coming together in unprecedented ways to fight the United States, a crucial step along the path towards bin Laden's desire to create a pure Islamic Caliphate. The bloodshed spurred by the Shi'ite uprising, aided by the unlikely alliance with the Sunnis, have left Iraq in utterly unsolvable turmoil. American soldiers, and Iraqi civilians, continue to die. There is absolutely, positively no good side to this situation.

Osama bin Laden need only sit back and watch everything go his way. He is almost certainly aware of the old military rule which states, "Never interfere with an enemy who is in the process of destroying himself."

--William Rivers Pitt [LINK]

Dems sorry they "screwed" Howard Dean?

Dems sorry they "screwed" Howard Dean?

James Ridgeway poses the possibility in the Village Voice, stating: "..the dim-bulb Dem leaders are going to be very sorry they screwed Howard Dean."

Mr. Ridgeway seems very doubtful about Kerry's ability to beat Bush this November. He first cites Kerry's wealth as a roadblock to the Oval Office...and then the fiasco about the medals (To which I say: ..at least he earned medals, unlike the other rich boys who deliberately avoided the overseas gig in Viet Nam). I feel that his "wishy-washiness" (especially on the Iraq resolution) has always been a point of weakness-in-truth, even though Senator Kerry may have seen giving Bush authority on Iraq as "political insurance" at the time. Read Ridgeway and decide for yourselves.

Personally, I still think The "Real Souls" of the Democratic Party-Bruce Reed and Al From are among the worst of the Democratic party's leading figures. Ridgeway doesn't mention them, but since he did mention what was done to Howard Dean, I make reference to two of the biggest culprits. It's nice to pretend "we're" all one happy unified party, but take just one look at Reed and From's "Real Soul" and you'll realize "we--the happily unified" never were, in actuality.

The only thing we have in common is the need to find someone to replace Bush in November. The world really needs for that to happen. America really needs for that to happen. Ivy league or not, Bush has been too easily convinced by a God-voice (imagine him relying on something like this). He's been led by human voices around him who have proven to be unworthy of American trust. He admits to ignoring newspapers. His arrogant and ignorant stubbornness has caused the world to back off from dealing with him. (I believe they all hope for Kerry or another Democrat to win in November..and if that doesn't happen, God help us). Our soldiers are being abandoned by "coalition partners". The Wizard of Oz wouldn't have given Bush a small token of recognition of any qualities that make for someone with a semblance of a brain.

Do you remember the Charles Krauthammers, the Robert Novaks and the David Brooks of the right-side of the media aisle begging for Howard Dean to be the Democratic nominee? Do you now see the reverse psychology in that? I'd imagine they would have wanted Senator Kerry all along because he lacked the clarity of some other candidates. I hope he can learn to convince others about the importance of this election. If he's our only hope...and if he fails, so fails America.

I wish the Dems hadn't sabotaged Howard Dean. I know they did. Alas, what's done is done. Kerry won the Democratic presidential primary in Pennsylvania tonight. The Democrats have somehow become sure he's the one they want. I wonder how things will be different in Iraq when he's in power...it really isn't clear just yet.

Today at Linfield College in northwestern Oregon, Dennis Kucinich said:

"Americans should have a better choice than a decision whether to have a Republican or Democratic version of the war. We are being told we have to stay the course, that we can't cut and run. We are dedicated to this war despite the fact that it is wrong..."

Bottom line, there's few major differences between the two major parties when it comes to the Iraq war. On top of that, the entire country seems to be missing the Ben Franklins and the James Madisons of yesteryear. As Gore Vidal said: "Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates." At the same time, I don't believe Gore would consider Senator Kerry to be "deranged, a despot, part of an alien army who's managed to openly take everything over..." (as he does, indeed think of Bush).

Is John Edwards doing anything this November?

Disclaimer: This is not to tick off Kerry supporters. I'd certainly consider voting for him if it came to Kerry v. Bush.
After Najaf..........

U.S. troops have moved into a base in Najaf that Spanish troops are currently abandoning. What a shame.

This is where Spain's pull-out is really showing how our leader's George W. Bush's failure to get this whole thing right is going to sink our cause. (Unless he goes to the U.N. now and makes an apologetic plea for a renewed global constituency, which we know he is simply incapable of doing).

Najaf is "Revolution Central" to the Shi'ites in Iraq. There is strong anti-American sentiment..the resisting Sh'ites there see America as nothing more than Saddam's replaced occupier. Najaf is their holiest city, blood-rich with their cultural history.

Spain's abandonmemt of the base near Najaf will more than likely prove to be a grievous turning point in the battle for the Shi'ite heart and mind. There's no question that we'll be the political loser. Wars are not only won with brute force, although, after Najaf, it appears that sheer brute force may have to be arranged since America is never going to strike a familiar political chord with the average Iraqi.

In Fallujah on Monday, a mosque's minaret was destroyed during a fight between Iraqi Sunni insurgents and U.S troops.Today it is reported that the U.S. forces promise to stay away from the sensitive Shiite shrines at the heart of the Najaf.

I hope they can keep that promise, but I wonder if it truly matters anymore? A mother sees her child, who is seeking shelter from the crossfire under an Army tank, run over like a sack of rice. What cares she about the shelled minaret?