Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Bush MIA in Alabama

Bush MIA in Alabama
Even the Christian Right sees Bush for the Rove-bum-sucking hypocrite he is


"......Glaringly obvious by default in all this is President Bush. Here is the opportunity for Mr. Bush to show some genuine leadership and throw his moral support behind Judge Moore and the hundreds of thousands whom he has now come to represent and what does he do or say? Nothing! Not a peep out of the man. Apparently Karl Rove has given him his marching orders and advised him to stay away from such “contentious” issues. After all, he has an election next year and wouldn’t want to rock the boat or make any waves, especially waves that the media might consider to be religious ones at that. It seems to never fail that those grass roots supporters of the Republican Party who feel most deeply and passionately about religious or social matters are destined to meet with the same old treatment time and time again from the Republican establishment. Tell ‘em how much we are on their side when it comes time for elections, promise them to be mindful of their concerns and govern with those in mind and then sweep them under the rug once they are gullible enough to continue voting for men and women who promptly abandon them and their cause when installed in office.

For a man who claims to be guided by his faith and once stated during the election contest of 2000, that the most influential person in his life was Jesus Christ, the President has amazingly seemed to have lost his tongue. Hmmm – one wonders if this affliction is endemic to the water source of Washington D.C. or has a more potent source that can be traced to the machinations of Karl Rove’s brain. Find your voice Mr. President and find it quickly lest when it comes time next year and you regain it, your friends will no longer hear it....."


"....The impish fiends that comprise such as “Americans United for Separation of Church and State” and “the ACLU”, the groups that filed suit against Moore to have the monument removed, seem to have made it their mission in life to banish any and all references to God from the public arena anywhere in this land...."

Impish fiends?
Come on, people!
Get real!


".......They are longing to see someone, anyone, in public office take a principled stand and give voice to the grief and despair they are feeling as they daily witness the heritage of their beloved nation being shredded before their eyes by those who would remake society into a moral abyss....."

My comments to the Christian Right:

The heritage of our beloved nation is a civic heritage. We are not a theocracy, people. Pakistan is on the brink of being a total theocracy with a fundamentalist political majority. Is this what you want for America? I certainly hope not!
When you realize that your American heritage is based in civil law and when you realize that the wording of the Constitution does not bear even a vague resemblance to the story of Moses...and realize you are still perfectly free to civilly disobey the court order (which I support your RIGHT to do)..then you JUST MIGHT start to "get it". Monument or no monument, what is in your hearts and souls can never be taken away. But certain inalienable rights can indeed be lost by a theocratic style of governing.
If you win what you consider to be your "culture war" and we slowly inch our way to becoming a theocracy, we will all stand to lose our true American heritage.
Your religion will also be damaged by the push and pull of those who would seek worldy political gain. No one truly knows what is in another man's heart.
Judge Moore may wish to seek worldly gain from this grand protest. A Senate seat, perhaps?

Freedom of religion is indeed an American birthright according to our Constitution. So is Freedom of Speech. You're within your rights to stage this protest.
But in the end, I do not believe you are right to make your courthouses a place of worship.

President Bush is using Christ to seek worldly gain...your political favour, to be precise.
Beware the same of Judge Moore.

Hold on to God...and not the ways of the world...lest you lose your souls along with your true American heritage.

India/Pakistan It's A Small World

It's A Small World

The Hellblazer blog has an important message to relay today.
Yesterday's bombings in Bombay may likely be linked to the US War on terror (past, present, and/or future) in ways that are
well-explained by educated and reliable writers at Stratfor.com. The geopolitical implications are most concerning.
The Bush adminstration has unilaterally bitten off far more than it can chew. The cracks are beginning to show.

See link HERE.

Note: Meanwhile, the U.S. is making the powderkeg known as Pakistan happy by selling them 28 F-16 Fighter aircraft. *which are capable of carrying nuclear devices*


".....Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is due to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush at Camp David in late June. The leaders reportedly will discuss a range of topics, including the sale of 28 F-16 fighter craft to Pakistan. Those aircraft -- along with [ $1.8 billion] debt forgiveness and trade status -- likely will be Washington's reward for Pakistan's support in the war against al Qaeda...."


A new crisis in the US War on 'terror'?

India Blames Muslim Militants for Blasts

"...India's government blamed Muslim militants Tuesday for explosions that shook Bombay a day earlier and accused rival Pakistan of trying to destabilize the country.
Indian officials stopped short of saying Pakistan had dispatched the bombers, but the comments appeared sure to undermine a fragile peace process between the two nuclear-armed neighbors...."

Toby Keith Reconsiders

Toby Keith picks 'n chooses who gets a boot up the ass
When it comes to war, Toby is "pro-choice".


"...Look, my stance is I pick and choose my wars. This war here [in Iraq], the math hasn't worked out for me on it....." Toby Keith

Chris at Interesting Timesblog has posted an interesting story, indeed.
It seems that even Toby Keith, the "put-a-boot-up-your-ass" pro-war proponent, is not convinced that Iraq was such a hot idear.

Link HERE.

Update: Hutton Inquiry

Update: Hutton Inquiry

No, no....not THIS Hutton.....

The Hutton who does business here.....

Revelations at the heart of the Kelly affair: the story so far--
After two weeks of testimony the inquiry already has answers to many questions, says Paul Waugh

Are you interested in the status of the microscopic look at the sex-up of the infamous British dossier..aka The Hutton Inquiry?
You should be.
It's the dossier responsible today, at least in part, for our men and women giving their lives in guerilla warfare.
Doesn't that piss you off?
It's the con job with which our own American leadership fell into false step and about which they either exaggerated or lied to us.
This is a great summary of the testimony to date.

My fellow Americans-We Have Been Conned

My Fellow Americans--We Have Been Conned

by Richard Reeves
Universal Press Syndicate

"..Vice President Richard Cheney and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, leaders of the zealots, told us how easy it would be..."

...War on the cheap....."

"....The zealots seemed capable of saying anything to "bait" us into war -- and they have prevailed. Their dream, essentially a unilateralist, single-superpower dream, was of a Middle East controlled by the United States, with the rest of the world, led by the United Nations, cleaning up the mess and the details..."

"..Americans, deceived and conned, have woken up to find their magnificently trained, equipped and motivated young soldiers pinned down in a hostile environment....."

Most of the Democrats chasing the chance to run against him next year are now criticizing the war, mildly to be sure, but they voted for it when they had a chance to slow him down and ask what exactly he had in mind.
They know, as the president knows, that now that our troops are in harm's way, most politicians must "support" them, whatever that means. That's the "switch."