Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congratulations, Taylor Hicks

Congratulations, Taylor Hicks

Congratulations to the sweet sunny South's Taylor Hicks for winning on American Idol.

I have to admit, when I first saw him, he reminded me of a physically awkward fellow you'd see with a lampshade on his head at a Friday-night happy hour. He looked like every guy I'd ever known who would do something like that.

But he grew on me. He was adorable. I realized, after a while, that he's the one I'd most want to see in a live performance. He dazzled me. I actually got goosebumps when I heard him sing "Do I Make You Proud."

Taylor - you made a believer out of me. Congratulations.

This time vote for what you believe in.

This time vote
for what you believe in.

Steve Soto of The Left Coaster has written about our hopes to see Democrats say "To hell with the direction of the political winds" and to do the right thing in order to protect and defend the People's constitional rights. Too many times we have been bitterly disappointed.

If Americans voted their conscience, the Feinsteins and Schumers wouldn't get away with playing what Mr. Soto calls "the long game"...where risk-averse representatives are not willing to do a frontal assault on the Executive unless the issue has broad public support, and has GOP support inside the chamber. He says:
"They were bitch-slapped repeatedly since 2002 for being weak on national security, and are now focused on doing whatever is necessary to pick up more seats this November and aren’t willing to expose their flanks."
Our legislators should do what is right at the time when they are required to do the right thing. We can all see that the Democrats are waiting around to see which way the political wind is blowing rather than doing what is necessary to defend the People's constitutional protections as they are charged with the responsibility to do. Combine that with the bold audacity of the power-usurping Executive, and that is precisely how we lose our liberty. Piece by piece, bit by bit.

They aren't leading. It's time for someone to lead. We are the leaders that we've been waiting for.

Let's start by examining our own conscience and by signing the petition at Voters For Peace that says:
"I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign."
If you want to retain your hard-won liberties, start listening to the voice within you that cries out for justice in a country where we see too little of it!

After seeing what we let them get away with in Iraq, how can we keep from shouting while we see the same patterns being used in our policy toward Iran?

Untrue National Post Story Plays Into Fear and Hatred

Untrue National Post Story Plays Into Fear and Hatred

Credit: Lenin's Tomb

Hatred is strong in this world. We simply must overcome it or we will destroy what is best about humanity and allow the civil world to crumble in a shameful nuclear heap. The neocons got away with their lies about Iraq and we got an immoral and unjust war heaped upon our nation...all in our name. I see signs of it happening all over again and I wonder how much the American people have learned.

When a newspaper and its editors loses a sense of responsibility in its rush to put out a controversial and largely unconfirmed story, it caves in to the hateful forces in the world and becomes a tool of evil. News items like the one printed in a Canadian newspaper called the National Post are too often used as reasons to make war. When it turns out to be a lie, the hatred and fear the story brings about are already embedded in the hearts of the fearful, whether or not the story is tue.

I hope that, by now, you've heard about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the National Post fiasco. You'll be interested to know that The New York Post readily chimed in with barely a flicker of truth-conscience. (Are you surprised?)

Jan Frel at Alternet:
A now discredited article by Iranian-American and neocon chum Amir Taheri that appeared last Friday in the Canadian National Post suggested that new legislation in Iran would require Jews and other religious minorities to wear distinctive color badges.

It's also being covered at:

Juan Cole
So here is a case where an embarrassing mistake has been made. The National Post has retracted. So too should Taheri. Or else we have to assume that he is putting something else above journalistic integrity.
Moderate Voice

Jewish Week


Justin Raimondo
The War Party fabrication factory is revving up its motor again. Destination: Tehran
Unqualified Offerings
The New York Post has reprinted Amir Taheri’s debunked Iranian “yellow badges for Jews” story. Lenin’s Tomb has pictures of the print edition of the National Post story. They made the most inflammatory possible presentation. (You’ll note the headline is not “Iran to Force Zoroastrians to Wear Blue.”)