Sunday, June 29, 2003

Helen Caldicott Video



Writer/Pediatrician/Activist Helen Caldicott speaks about depleted uranium weapons and their effect upon both troops and civilians in the Iraq war.
Please, take 5 minutes of your time to review this video. It's worth it.

Bush Administration Embraces Facism

Bush Administration Embraces Fascism
A powerful statement enhanced by blogger Anonymoses.

Link here.

Know Your NeoCons- Part 1089


Get to Know Your NeoCons-
Especially When You Suspect They're Planning Your Country's Next War

Veteran neo-con advisor moves on Iran

Time for a proper introduction.
Meet Michael A Ledeen.

America, this is Michael.

Michael, this is my friend America.

Would it be "one war too far"?

"....judging by the failure to complete the victories won on the battlefield in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the portents for the coming war with Iran are ominous. Both Afghanistan and Iraq now have developing major insurgencies with which US forces are showing few signs of coming to terms, and without doubt Iran will be a much harder nut to crack. The drain on US resources and lives will almost certainly be that much greater. Any one of these campaigns may indeed be winnable, two are a serious problem, however three may well prove to be just one war too far, even for the world's only superpower."

Iraq 'had no links to al-Qaeda'

Sorry...not linked.

Bush brags while States stumble


Bush boasts about shrinking the Federal budget while starved States stumble in near-desperation

"The news is pretty bad, and I think it's going to get a little worse," said Ray Scheppach, executive director of the National Governors Association.."

How long will neo-breadlines soon become?

Breaking News: HUNGER ON THE WAY

Will the misled masses move to recall every governor who will surely be unable to arrest the furious tide of economic failure?

Will bitter partisan efforts to remove fairly-elected officials like this one

be the best idea for hiding the REAL mismanagement in the American economy?

Is THIS the cure-all...the panacea??!?


I fear for American democracy....and the result of the great ideological fight for the American mind.