Saturday, October 09, 2004

See You Soon

See You Soon

I'm heading to D.C. for the Vote For Change concert finale. I'll be reporting back to you about it next week.


The show was great!
I'm working on a review.
Stay tuned.

The Reviews

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See Chris "Lefty" Brown's fabulous review



I predict GW Bush is going to lose in a near-landslide this November 2. During the second debate, he looked an aggressive near-maniac (with a wildly roaming eyes and a forced smile for the camera) who had to distort the truth in order to make himself look like a leader who has used good judgement. (He hasn't).

Kerry set him straight with reality at nearly every turn. William Rivers Pitt- The Scary Little Man
Bush was every inch the angry man on Friday night, which is dangerous enough. But to witness anger combined with belligerent ignorance, with a willful denial of basic facts, to witness a man utterly incapable of admitting to any mistakes while his clear errors in judgment are costing his country in blood, to see that combination roiling within the man who is in charge of the most awesome military arsenal in the history of the planet, is more than dangerous.

Buzzflash- Timber! Bush Caught Lying About Lumber Business in the Second Debate.

Buzzflash- Watch Out for Those Killer Drugs from Canada, Bush Warns