Sunday, October 17, 2004

Media Lies to Public Just Before Election

Media Lies to Public Just Before Election

Zarqawi was not connected to pre-war Iraq government, regardless of what Andrea Mitchell or Dick Cheney try to hand you.

They can't find Osama in time for the election, and they can't tie Osama to Saddam Hussein, so they've been using al Zarqawi as the "big, bad new bogeyman". I said it last June, I'm saying it now. Zarqawi is a murderous creature, but he is not the significant tie to Saddam Hussein's regime as Dick Cheney has lied, boldfaced, to Americans about so many times. Bush and Cheney created the monster that is now Zarqawi with their totally wrong-minded approach to fighting terror.

I heard Andrea Mitchell was whining on and on about the latest 'Bushit' regarding a pre-war Zarqawi terror connection with the government of Iraq again today on NBC. Don't be fooled by fools in the media. I've heard enough shit in the past year to drown in it.

The same Andrea Mitchell spewed this crap after the VP debate, covering for outright lies of VP Cheney:
ANDREA MITCHELL (NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent): "I think Dick Cheney did awfully well, first of all. Putting John Edwards in his place. Saying, "I have been presiding over the Senate, and I didn't meet you until tonight." Talking about his not having been on the job was pretty devastating."
Watch her, people. She's not being square with the American people. She's not on the people's side".

It's time we call these idiots on their disinformation when we see them trying to get away with it.

See my post from February, 2004 about the Bush administration's bad attempts to tie al Zarqawi with pre-war Iraq. Scroll down to There wasn't one back then...but there is now.

It's disgusting to see media whores running wildly with what can be nothing else but an intent to disinform as the election draws near.

See additional blog from last June about Cheney's deliberate lies and childish behavior upon getting caught.

Endorsement for Kerry-NYT/Boston Globe/Star Tribune/Dayton Daily News

Endorsement for Kerry-NYT/Boston Globe/Star Tribune/Dayton Daily News

The New York Times endorsed Kerry on Oct. 17.
"We have been impressed with Mr. Kerry's wide knowledge and clear thinking -- something that became more apparent once he was reined in by that two-minute debate light. He is blessedly willing to re-evaluate decisions when conditions change...He strikes us, above all, as a man with a strong moral core."
The Boston Globe endorsed Kerry on Oct. 17.
"These are challenging times for any leader. On the signal issues of this campaign --the Iraq war and terrorism -- Kerry is up to the challenge. ... He is best suited to heal our painful rifts now -- not just with the community of nations but within this nation, rent by social, ideological, economic and religious diversions. These sap the strength of America. We are confident a Kerry presidency will restore both unity and strength."
The Star Tribune, Minneapolis, endorsed Kerry on Oct. 17.
"Kerry knows how to effectively join with U.S. allies to leverage the vast power of international will. ... Kerry's approach demonstrates maturity, nuance and thoughtfulness. Those qualities don't always play well in campaign sound bites. But they will serve America exceedingly well in the Oval Office."
Dayton Daily News, Dayton, Ohio, endorsed Kerry on Oct. 17.
"John Kerry is a credible, prepared, likely choice for a nation that should expect more sophistication, more skill, less failure and more focus on the problems of the American mainstream than George W. Bush has offered."


Bush's hometown newspaper in Crawford has already endorsed Kerry

Philadelpia Inquirer has endorsed Kerry

McCain aide quits, Endorses Kerry, Blasts Bush administration

Gold-medal Olympians, Julie Foudy and Abby Wambach, announced their endorsement of John Kerry and John Edwards for President and Vice President of the United States this week.

Question for Bush/Cheney: Why has Jim Tobin Been Kept On?

Question for Bush/Cheney: Why has Jim Tobin Been Kept On?

According to Talking Points memo, Jim Tobin has resigned from his post as President Bush’s New England campaign chairman. Tobin was Northeast political director in 2002 for the Republican Senatorial Committee, the party operation working to elect Republicans to the Senate. He resigned last Friday over questions surrounding an election-tampering scandal which took place in 2002.
According to the Portsmouth Herald:

"Democrats and Republicans fought in court this week over whether Democrats could question GOP officials, including Tobin, as part of a lawsuit about the illegal jamming [ of Democrats' phone lines during the 2002 election]. Democrats won a ruling Wednesday that cleared the way for the questioning, but depositions scheduled for Thursday and Friday were called off after the Justice Department said it would seek to delay them.
The 2002 jamming consisted of computer-generated calls to get-out-the-vote phones run by Democrats and the nonpartisan Manchester firefighters’ union. More than 800 hang-up calls tied up phones for about 1½ hours."
You may be disturbed to learn that, according to witnesses in the case, it may not have been just a local affair, but possibly arranged by the Committee itself ( at least at a minimum, through its regional political director, Tobin).

Kudos to Josh Marshall for tenaciously keeping up with this story. In so many ways, he's doing the mainstream media's job for them.

This is a question of ethics and character as well as legality. We need to ask the Bush campaign why they had kept Tobin on in a senior position all this time, knowing he'd been implicated and knowing he'd be forced to resign once the alleged illegal activities were discovered and/or questioned.

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Nashua Telegraph, Kevin Landrigan- Phone scandal may have Bush connection

New York Times-
"..Last summer, Chuck McGee, former executive director of the state Republican Party, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and admitted paying $15,600 to a Virginia company that hired another business to make computer-generated calls that jammed Democrats' phone lines for about 90 minutes. Mr. McGee acknowledged speaking to an unidentified official with a national political organization about the jamming. Democrats have said they believe that Mr. Tobin was the official."
Guardian- Bush's New England Campaign Chief Resigns