Saturday, November 15, 2003

More than 100 join rally for jailed doctor
November 15, 2003
By Ngoc Huynh
Contributing writer/Syracuse Post Standard

Supporters of a Manlius doctor jailed on charges he illegally sent money to Iraq marched Friday in front of the Onondaga County Justice Center with a banner that read: "The U.S. attorney has ruined our Ramadan by refusing bail for our brother Rafil."
Dr. Rafil Dhafir, accused of violating sanctions against Iraq by sending money there through his DeWitt-based charity, Help the Needy, has been denied bail three times since his arrest in February. A judge ruled that Dhafir was a risk to flee the country.
More than a 100 Muslims and non-Muslims arrived at the justice center's State Street entrance at 2 p.m. to show their support for Dhafir.
Mohammad Al Wahaidy, 12, of Fayetteville, was the first in the crowd to shout, "Free Dr. Dhafir!" He is the son of Osameh Al Wahaidy, 41, one of four men originally charged in the Help the Needy case. The elder Al Wahaidy pleaded guilty in April to one count of violating the sanctions.
As others joined in his chant, another voice sang, "We miss him. He's a good man."
Several cars passed by and motorists honked and waved.
Imam Ahmed Kobeisy, who heads the Islamic Society of Central New York, said Dhafir has strong ties with the community and is not a flight risk.
"We would like to have him reunited with the community in the month of Ramadan," Kobeisy said. "We would like to celebrate with him, fasting and praying with fellow Muslims."
Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, ends Nov. 25. During this time, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, pray, meditate and do acts of charity.
U.S. District Judge Norman Mordue rejected Dhafir's last bail request in July. Dhafir, an oncologist, is considered a flight risk because of his financial assets and overseas contacts, judges have said.
In addition to the charges that he violated sanctions against Iraq, Dhafir is accused of evading $400,000 in federal income tax payments by falsely writing off donations to Help the Needy, and of defrauding Medicare out of more than $274,000.
Haikal Abughoush, rally organizer, has known Dhafir for 20 years. He said the government is looking for reasons to keep his friend in jail.
"They had egg on their face," he said, "so they needed to find something. What they found was further charges."
2003 The Post-Standard.


Add 'Blog' To the Campaign Lexicon

Add 'Blog' To the Campaign Lexicon
By Brian Faler
Special to The Washington Post
Iraq Coalition Must Be in Trouble

Rumsfeld Says Iraq Coalition Not in Trouble

Arar and Immigration: Canadian's Next PM Paul Martin had best keep things honest

Arar and Immigration: Canadian's Next PM Paul Martin had best keep things honest

"...When he succeeds Chretien, who is expected to step down in upcoming weeks, Martin will promote stronger relations with Bush and strengthened ties between Canada's Parliament and Congress.

Chretien angered Bush this year by refusing to take part in the war in Iraq, prompting the U.S. president to cancel a planned visit to Ottawa in May. Before then, some of Chretien's subordinates publicly ridiculed Bush over his unilateral policies, with one quoted as calling the president a moron..."

Canadian PM Chretien has had more than one good point, like him or hate him.

When you have innocent Canadian citizens going through American airports, being detained by U.S. officials and deported to Syria (with a dependent family left behind with no word)...and when that Canadian is then tortured in a grave-like prison for over a year, you have to do what is best to protect your people.

Maher Arar

Martin had best watch his back on the future of immigration policies involving the U.S. as partner.

One can not doubt the delicate idea of a coordinated Canadian immigration policy with the U.S. has been complicated by the fate of Maher Arar, a Syrian-born immigrant to Canada who was deported to Damascus last year by U.S. agents. Ottawa is under pressure to reveal what role if any Canadian police played in the decision.

Listen to Maher Arar's story of illegal rendition here.

and here.

and here.

I'm betting neither the Bush administration nor the Congress will touch this investigation.

Human Rights groups are trying to help.

Perle exonerated by Pentagon IG

Pentagon IG wipes the slime off the pig

A pig, however, will always be what he is.

The Pentagon, the Bush administration, the Richard Perles, the Mark Zells, the Douglas Feiths, the private companies and the investors are so intertwined that there is no longer any way to separate them.

Welcome to the sty. Go to work, go shopping, watch Fox News, buck up and don't ask any questions, U.S. taxpayers.

Of course, Richard Perle didn't violate ethics law....there IS no code of ethics with these people and
a law can be s--t--r--e--t--c--h--e--d to prove it.

What of the Promises?

Even if we turn our faces from all the lies...
what of the promises?

Still no cheering..other than cheers of some Iraqi children when a U.S. helicopter is shot down.
Still no roses...except those at the funeral services.

One hour ago, two more U.S. Black Hawk helicopters were shot down.