Sunday, October 15, 2006

Converge South 2006 - Some Photos

Converge South 2006 - Some Photos

Here are a few photos from Converge South. It's always a pleasure to see the people of "Blogsboro" again, and I wish to thank Ben, Sue, Ed, Dave, and all the bloggers of Greensoro who made this unique and wonderful experience possible. These people are the trailblazers of creating a blogging community that should inspire all other aspiring blogtopias.

Anonymoses and Maryam Scoble have blogposts.

I'll provide my own comments about the conference soon.

Elizabeth Edwards and Ed Cone talk about building community

Robert and Maryam Scoble - What a vibrant blogging couple!

Billy the Blogging Poet and his marvelous flying machine

I'm talking with Greensboro's own Sue Polinsky; Elizabeth Edwards and Robert Scoble in background.