Friday, February 04, 2005

The Emperor's New Hump

The Emperor's New Hump

The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election—because it could have changed the election. LINK

Following Ted Kennedy's Advice, US Withdrawing 15K Troops from Iraq

Following Ted Kennedy's Advice, US Withdrawing 15K Troops from Iraq


Right wingnuts can say whatever negative garbage they would like to say about Senator Ted Kennedy. He was right. And 15,000 troops will soon be coming home.
The United States is to pull 15,000 troops out of Iraq, signalling the launch of a new, post-election phase.
Last week, on the FOX News Sunday show, I heard Brit Hume say that Ted Kennedy "would have to be out of his mind" to suggest such a withdrawl so soon. It looks like Brit Hume's hair dye was getting to his brain and affecting his judgement again.

I'm A Hunter Soul

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Simon Rosenberg, Out of DNC Race, Backs Howard Dean

Howard (with Judy)

Simon Rosenberg, Out of DNC Race, Backs Howard Dean
Activist Simon Rosenberg abandoned his bid for Democratic National Committee chairman on Friday and backed front-runner Howard Dean, moving the former presidential candidate closer to capturing the party title.

This means that Howard Dean is now likely to win the DNC Chair.



* UPDATE: Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico said yesterday that he is supporting Dean for the chairmanship. "The race is essentially over," said Richardson, chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. "He's won fair and square." LINK

U.S. Complicit in Oil For Food Scandal

"This was a bit of a special arrangement here," former U.N. Ambassador John Negroponte explained in an April Senate hearing, to avoid "unnecessarily and unfairly penalizing the people of Jordan [and other countries] from the negative economic consequences of sanctions on Iraq."

U.S. Complicit in Oil For Food Scandal
Moral Perversion and Hyposcrisy Galore

I'd like to know why anyone would be surprised to read this headline.

While the "oh-so-moral" Senator Norm Coleman (who can smile with even more pretty fakery nowadays) publically tries to beat the credibility crap out of Kofi Annan, the newly-appointed ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, who was the U.N. ambassador during the Oil-For-food scandal, looked the other way while Jordan and Turkey were granted embargo-breaking oil sales.

I love the way we reward our own scandalous crooks by handing them ambassadorships to countries we choose to occupy, while at the same time we attempt to deligitimize the U.N. for something in which we willingly and knowingly participated.

It's morally perverted.

There are many in the Republican party today (and I'm not saying all of them, but many, especially within in the Bush administration) who are dangerous hypocrites and moral perverts.

Dem Senators Who Voted "Yes" For Gonzales

Dem Senators Who Voted "Yes" For Gonzales

Here are your Democratic senators who voted 'yes' to the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales:

(1) Senator Ken Salazar (Colorado).
(2) Senator Joseph Lieberman (Conn.).
(3) Senator Ben Nelson (Neb.).
(4) Senator Mary Landrieu (La.)
(5) Senator Pryor (Ark).
(6) Senator Bill Nelson (Fla.)

I thought you'd like to know which of your Senators compromised on their party's long-held values of respect for the Rule of Law and Human Rights, when political circumstances were such that they never even had to compromise. If they could have voted for this supporter of torture, they would more than likely sell you out in the blink of an eye.