Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year


The Time We Thought We Knew
January 1, 2004 / N.Y. Times
By Brian Greene

" presence in Times Square that rainy morning - losing sleep to mark an arbitrary moment in the passage of what I
truly believe to be a derivative concept - attests to the power of convention and experience. Regardless of our
scientific insights, we will still mourn the evanescence of life and be able to thrill to the arrival of each newly
delivered moment. The choice, however, of whether to be fully seduced by the face nature reveals directly to our
senses, or to also recognize the reality that exists beyond perception, is ours."


USA Today: Freewheeling Bloggers Are Rewriting Rules of Journalism

"....There are liberals, conservatives, libertarians and near-anarchists. The one thing they all agree on: blogging. Bloggers discuss the new medium with proselytizing fervor. They know each others' Web handles (AngryLiberal, Atrios, Instapundit). They use links, which enable Internet users to jump from one Web page to another, to publicize each other's work. Bloggers feel so strongly about blogging, they even promote bloggers they don't agree with..."

**Which reminds me, I am linking Sgt Stryker's 'Team Stryker' blog this week. ;)**