Saturday, July 03, 2004

Patrick's Fate - 848

Patrick's Fate - 848
A Tribute to Patrick McCaffrey

He's just a number to the ones
Who sent beloved daughters and sons
To a land they ne'er needed be
A land of sadness 'cross the sea

A California girl and boy
Will not again possess the joy
To see a colored glaring sky
On this or any Fourth of July

While holding father's loving hand
He was lost to them upon the sand
Caring for friends until the last
When swept away by bullets' blast

His mother cries unto the day
T'was Bush who took her boy away
To only have his sacrifice hid
With no lens to spy his coffin lid

Heed mother's warning before too late
Imagine Patrick's number--848
And all the troops who came before
To die in Bush's needless war.



Read Patrick's story:

The son who came home for the Fourth of July

Last week Nadia McCaffrey defied President Bush by allowing the media to view the coffin of her son, Patrick, killed in action in Iraq. Writer Andrew Buncombe was invited to attend his funeral in Tracy, California.