Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cheney to Leahy-"F*** off!"

Cheney to Leahy-
"F*** off!"

Who did it, you ask?

No-it wasn't Col. M...

Dick Cheney did it----on the Senate Floor---with the potty mouth.



See David Corn's commentary--"Why is Cheney So F***in’ Uptight?"


Are some people shocked?

*My opinion- For all his talk about the need for civility, I was never fooled by Cheney. I've often perceived a sense of defensive hostility while watching his facial expressions and body language during press interviews.*

"We are SURE we will hear that Leahy started it first, and all kinds of rationalizations like that, from the folks who so bitterly went after Kerry for his language. That's because there are few principles in politics anymore --"

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Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose Show (listen)

Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose Show (listen)

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