Monday, October 30, 2006

Note to MSM: Enough with the Caviezel Jesus Thing!

Note to MSM: Enough with the Caviezel Jesus Thing!

If I hear one more reference made to Jesus Christ every time the MSM shows the actor Jim Caviezel in one of those anti-embryonic stem-cell research ads, I think I'll scream. On ABC Nightly News Sunday night, it happened again. They showed the ad and for the umpteenth time, I heard a news anchor say "That is the actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus....." Oy!

Get over it, MSM.
Jim Caviezel is not Jesus Christ the Savior, already!
He's an actor no one would recognize unless the MSM pulls out the Almighty-connection every time he shows up on the news.

Whats next? Will Caviezel show up on the next anti-Michael J. Fox ad with a robe and flowing hair and beard? Will he be walking on water?

Does playing Jesus qualify you as a holy spokesman? No more than playing Marty McFly makes you able to time-travel. Duh!!