Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Filibustering Frist!

Filibustering Frist!

DavidNYC at Daily Kos reports on "Filibustering Frist Comes to DC":
"By now you've certainly heard about the Princeton students who've been filibustering Bill Frist for over (as of this writing) 367 consecutive hours. Last night, they took their filibuster on the road and made their way to the Capitol in Washington, DC. After reading about it in this diary, I knew I had to go pay them a visit...this phase of the filibuster comes to its denouement tomorrow, with a big rally and press conference planned for 11am, complete with members of Congress. If you're in the area, you should definitely swing by....It's been a brilliant piece of political theater and has gotten great press coverage. It's also been a great a example of how blogs can be used as an organizing tool and as a way to get your message out......"
The organizers of Filibuster Frist are going to be on CSPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow morning during the last hour.

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  • John Edwards to Help Strengthen Democratic Presence in States

    John Edwards to Help Strengthen Democratic Presence in States
    "Far too often, people think that the solutions to the problems we face as a country must come from Washington, but much of the important work on the issues Americans face every day is done in the states."

    -John Edwards
    There's some exciting news from John Edwards this morning. Edwards has agreed to help strengthen the Democratic presence in state legislatures by recruiting candidates and raising money.

    John, here's thanking you in advance. (America loves you, regardless of what Ferrell Blount the Wicked Grinch has to say).