Monday, July 19, 2004

William Hung dead? Truth or Urban Legend?

No! William Hung dead? Truth or Urban Legend?

Hung once answered “No, thank you” when asked whether he was “for or against the war in Iraq.”

Not William way.

* way

McCain Won't Run with Bush, either

McCain won't run with Bush, either

He wouldn't run with Kerry. He won't run with Bush; nor will he serve in Bush's cabinet.
*see Taegan Goddard*

Cable News sucks up Ronstadt tale-overblown political pap

Cable news sucks up Ronstadt tale-overblown political pap

Singer Linda Ronstadt has been making a dedication of her song "Desperado" to "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore at the end of each of her engagements (during her encores) since she began a national tour earlier this summer. Particular "fans" allegedly couldn't bear it at the tail-end of one certain performance. An angry (maybe drunk?) stream of fans (allegedly hundreds out of the crowd of four and a half thousand people) at the economically-failing Aladdin hotel (soon to be totally owned by Planet Hollywood) in Las Vegas walked out of the hotel's theater as Ronstadt sang the song. (Funny, some fans typically leave the theatre toward the tail-end of the show to beat the crowd, anyhow). Some of them (in apparent end-of-the-night drunken hoodlum fashion) reportedly defaced posters of her in the lobby, writing comments and tossing drinks on her pictures.

Yet, when you read further and investigate, you learn that Ms. Ronstadt had had a troubled past with the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.

Curiously, there had been an article which had appeared in a local Las Vegas newspaper last week quoting Ronstadt making "disparaging remarks" about the town itself, calling it a "strange, weird place".

The article had also said:

"I've been dedicating `Desperado' every night to Michael Moore, trying to get people to go see `Fahrenheit 9/11,' " she says.

"They say the country is evenly divided, and boy is that true. One half of the audience cheers and the other half boos."

"I don't understand this country sometimes and I really fear for it," she adds. "The government is making everybody in the world hate us, including the people that used to be our friends."

Anyone who disagrees with that is welcome to get in line, behind whoever she manages to rile at the Aladdin this time.

"I keep hoping that if I'm annoying enough to them, they won't hire me back," she says with a laugh.


I'm sure that set a nasty tone from the get-go. It seems logical to me that someone probably read this before the concert and decided to make her wish come true.

*Trivia-Did you know a member of royalty in Saudi Arabia not only invests in Planet Hollywood, but has been on the board of directors..and is also a good investing-friend to Disney (who sut out Moore's film)?*

The funny part of the story is that the brave and determined fellow who says he "booted" Linda from the casino, Bill Timmins, didn't have to do much. Ronstadt had been booked to play the Aladdin for only that one show..and the show, for all intents and purposes, was OVER! (Hahaha!)

It sounds to me like a bunch of rowdy and irresponsible drunken (albeit conservative-minded) vandals who didn't care about the other four thousand fans' desire to sit and enjoy the show.

I also wonder about the Freeper-types who were discussing Linda Ronstadt's anti-conservative ideas before the concert took place (read the comments HERE). If discussions like this one were flying around the internet, there may have been a few folks in that crowd just waiting for "Desperado" to be dedicated to Moore so they could play drama-queen.

Jerry Fink writes what I definitely perceive as a catty little criticism of Ronstadt's general performance HERE. Meowwww!

Given all the facts, I think this whole story is a big overblown political whine. At least Drudge got some mileage out of it. Viva internet rumor.

The sad part is, the 24/7 cable news networks don't care enough about the truth to fully investigate before parroting Matt Drudge. I don't blame Matt. because he's free to post whatever he wants at his site.

Professional journalists are supposed to investigate and tell the whole story.

They aren't professional.

Americans are being fed pure (univestigated) shit.


Michael Moore speaks out on behalf of Linda Ronstadt.

If it matters, to whom does it primarily matter?

If it matters, to whom does it primarily matter?

Seventy-five percent of voters nationwide think it matters a great deal whether President Bush or his Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, wins the presidential election, a poll reported Monday. (Newsday and Capital News)

Making the observation that this particular election is of more keen interest to American voters than elections of the past leads me to believe, as I've stated before, that Kerry will benefit. He barely has to move his lips. All those 2000 Gore-voters can't wait to vote against Bush. Not only are they waiting because of what they perceive as a stolen election, they are wounded by the subsequent partisan political actions of the Bush administration.

Even in the aftermath of the worst attack on American citizens in history, this American president is amazingly unpopular with over 50% of American citizens. I believe that the majority of independent voters will go with a new choice..a new chance for America in November. The African American community is fired up over Election 2000 and we already know, from polls, that Bush has less support than ever from this group. The Muslim community in America will vote for change. I believe the American Jewish population may have varying degrees of ideology due to the Middle East issues, but have classically voted 'Democrat' because they've understood they are a party that always has and always will support their issues and that Bush has not been a good leader for the cause of Israel.

Women see where the Bush adminstration has taken reproductive issues....down the toilet. The military and military-family vote will more than likely be against Bush for all the lies they believe he's fed to them, the extended tours of duty, the privatization of war with better-paid mercenaries, and the hothouse hell he's put the soldiers unnecessarily through. Self-respecting Libertarians wouldn't vote for the hyper-secretive Presidential administration who crafted the most liberty-stealing legislation in history.

I won't even begin to talk about the poor in this country and the ones who've lost their jobs (the luckiest ones only finding re-employment opportunity in the lowest-paying jobs).

I think many conservatives will stay home, unless they have a particular hatred for the gay community. Where Bush has done the best job in connecting with his conservative base, unfortunately, is connecting with the lowest common denominator. He has kicked up the dust of fear, hatred, and mistrust in our conservative communities with his exclusionary wedge-attack on the rights of gay Americans.

In the absence of an October surprise or another stolen election, let's face it, people. Bush is toast.

Few know how to take a walk

Few people know how
to take a walk.

photos by Iddybud
Adirondack Mountains, N.Y.

The qualifications are endurance,
plain clothes, old shoes,

an eye for nature, good humor,
vast curiosity, good speech,
good silence,
and nothing too much.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The glorious work of Gore Vidal

The glorious work of Gore Vidal
In the past, his warnings did not make the sort of impact they do today. But since Sept. 11, with his witty, lacerating prose, his last-of-its-kind brand of patrician condescension -- and with so many other left-wing thinkers having defected and written cautiously supportive columns on, for example, the Iraq invasion last year--Mr. Vidal has been elevated to the position of Contrarian-in-Chief.

--writer Christopher Dreher
The Globe and Mail has a showcase piece on the work of Gore Vidal (July 17).

He is 79 years young, and Gore Vidal's writing is still delightful in his brutal honesty. Vidal's insistent and fervent desire to show the ones he perceives as truly unpatriotic Americans the proverbial door causes his critics to see red. He's especially disgusted with the ruling 'junta' in the White House, and he's not afraid to call their post-9/11 actions an "orgy of destruction".

Mr. Vidal is one of those "three people" I would choose when asked "If you could choose three people with whom to have a dinner party....."

10-yr-old DUI dredged up on Edwards' brother

10-yr-old DUI dredged up on Edwards' brother

North Carolina and Colorado newspapers first reported dredged-up details of the warrant for John Edwards' brother's arrest for failure to appear in court over a DUI/no insurance charge in Colorado. The N.Y. Times has grabbed hold of it. Freepers are having a picnic with the news and are making a major deal about a report that John Edwards bought his brother's family a house five years ago. (Taking care of your family? Gee, what a rotten guy John Edwards sounds like....doh). They are also making snide comments about Edwards' brother trying to use a "My brother is a rich lawyer"-card to get out of the mess. How about using your father's good standing to help you get out of a pickle? Naturally, anti-Edwards people are comparing Wesley Edwards to Billy Carter and Roger Clinton, taking extreme caution to omit the fact that the current president was an admitted drunk himself. HE will freely admit to having been drunk for nearly 20 years straight. Does that wash away the Edwards story? No. I am merely adding true fairness and balance to the sordid tale. It is what it is. I report. You decide.

Election 2004: Kerry safeguarding fair elections

Election 2004: Kerry safeguarding fair elections

Determined not to allow American voters to be worked over again by a shady network of cronies, crooks, partisans, and favored-corporate interests, the Kerry campaign is building a legal network, allegedly a more intricate set of legal safeguards than any presidential candidate before him, to monitor the 2004 election. (see NY Times) Does this sound equally partisan compared to the creepy spirit of the other side (the GOP) during Election 2000? Some may say so, but there's the old adage "Once burned, twice shy" and "Forewarned is forearmed".

Oh, and there's that old sayin' from Tenessee..which is the same as the one they say in Texas, or so I've heard:

"Fool me once.......
shame on you.

Fool me..........uh....

...I won't get fooled again."

NY Times: 'We were wrong about the weapons'

NY Times: 'We were wrong about the weapons'

Here is their humble and no-nonsense apology and regret.

9/11 Commission Report Due Thursday

9/11 Commission Report
Due Thursday

This Thursday, when the 9/11 Independent Commission report is released, you may wonder which politician will fare better in the aftermath of its spin--John Kerry or George Bush?

The Commission can connect Iran in some abstract way. The Commission can place some blame on intelligence. The Commission can discuss plenty of issues that may help our nation in the future.


...all the Commission has to say are these few words:

"We might have been able to avoid 9/11."

..and I think the incumbent leader will wind up the sure loser.
~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Related to this topic, on July 18 the Boston Globe reported that David Kay told Britain's ITV network that Bush and Blair "should have been able to tell before the war that the evidence did not exist for drawing the conclusion that Iraq presented a clear, present and imminent threat on the basis of existing weapons of mass destruction. That was not something that required a war."