Thursday, December 11, 2003

My Bloginality is INFP.

Just thought I'd give that a mention.
Go and take the test if you'd like.
It's along the lines of the Keirsey tests.


What Christmas Carol are you?

While you're at it, go and take this test...find out which Christmas Carol you might be.
My result:

Adam lay y bounden

"You are 'Adam Lay Y Bounden'! Ah, you appear to be something of a Christmas snob. Whether you are a musician who has sung one carol service too many, or merely someone with very highbrow views on music and culture, you shudder at the thought of piped music in lifts, wince at endless repetitions of Jingle Bells and have put out a contract on Rudolph. While you agree that some of the well-known carols are lovely, you are more drawn by the really obscure
medieval carols, or the ones arranged by Bach. You also know parodies of several carols - a legacy of excessive carolling, or perhaps just the product of an enquiring and slightly cynical mind... Try to enjoy Christmas, anyway."

**Actually, I think my favorite is the Coventry Carol. (Especially when sung by Loreena McKennitt). **


What Christmas Ornament are you?

My Result:

They tell me I am the 'Christmas Angel'.
Hmmm....I thought for sure I'd be the 'Lump O' Coal'.

christmas angel


Wes Pruden: Professional [Angry] Poop-Hurler


Before reading this, remember why I read twerps like Pruden:
"Every man should periodically be compelled to listen to opinions which are infuriating to him. To hear nothing but what is pleasing to one is to make a pillow of the mind." --St. John Ervine


Pruden has totally melted down in the past month.

Let's face it, he's been the least professional news editor in the business, anyhow.
But lately he's reduced himself to a walking, talking poop-hurler.

He's gone from whatever tattered, shat-upon shred of journalistic respectability onto which he was barely hanging to a whining, hating, bubbling bowl of steaming hyperbolic brainfart.

Examine the hateful accusations...imagine the man's blood pressure.
I think he may be ready to pop an artery.
Could it be because his Moonie-floprag-excuse for a newspaper is no longer able to get away
with their vitriolic and partisan pukery because every blogger and alternative internet news-site "has their number" and calls them on their lies every time?
Heavens, that must be frustrating for Wes Pruden.
And, ohhh,'s showing!

"....yesterday the Democrats thought such gods as they believe in were smiling on them, with Americans dying in Iraq ..."

(PRUDEN TALKS ABOUT HIMSELF HERE:) "..You could ask some of the Republicans who thought they could dispatch Bill Clinton to oblivion if only they hated him hard enough...."

"...No one has ever described the Clintons as a class act — many Bubbas are classy, but not this one, and not his *moll."

*Defition of moll
Pronunciation: 'mäl, 'mol
Function: noun, Etymology: probably from Moll, nickname for Mary, Date: 1604

Pruden's a real class act himself, no?

".....This is old-home week in London, where the lefties, crazies and *doofuses from several continents are massing to protest George W. Bush's excellent adventure."

And an angry little man named Wes-wee Pwuden feels an uncontwollable need to rage like a hormone-cwazed adolescent because someone's pickin' on his totally incompetent l'il buddy.

Definition of: doofus
Pronunciation: 'dü-f&s, -fis
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural doo·fus·es /-f&-siz/
Etymology: perhaps alteration of 1goof
Date: 1970
slang : a stupid, incompetent, or foolish person

Wes Pruden's a DOOFUS.

I see London, I see France,
I see Wes doin' the *blather-dance.

Definition: blath·er
Pronunciation: 'bla-[th]&r
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Old Norse blathra; akin to Middle High German blOdern to chatter
Date: 1524
: to talk foolishly at length

Your Pal,
World Net Daily: Fascist Mouthpiece for Bush

Still attempting to question our patriotism and squelch good old fashioned (and very American) free speech,
World Net Daily dares to ask the facist-style question:
"Was Hillary's Iraq ploy treason?
Officials say Clinton's 'badwill tour' plays into hands of enemies"

There is no reasoned case for this ugly belch and squirt from the hacks at World Net Daily.

A particularly laughable attempt by WND to impugn Clinton's patriotism and loyalty is the fact that Al Jazeera covered the story of her recent trip to the region.

I suggest all intelligent and free-thinking Americans watch Omar Al-Issawi, founder of Al Jazeera speak about the network.

They are not terrorists or terrorist sympathizers, although I'm sure Bush, his radical Christian conservatives, and
World Net Daily would just love you to believe it.

Scientists freeze light!

A Scientific First

Harvard University physicists say they have brought light to a complete halt for a fraction of a second and then sent it on its merry way! The light was frozen in a Hall of Atomic Mirrors. The discovery may have applications for quantum communications and photonic technologies.

In more Science/Physics News, see this article (with photos) about the work Dr. Giovanni Fazio has been doing with his creation of an infrared array camera over the past 20 years. As you read this, new stars and, possibly, planets are forming behind black curtains of dust and gas in our galaxy. These births are attended by bursts of infrared radiation that are visible to the instruments when physicist Fazio's cameras are cooled to near 450 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

"If you look directly at the Orion constellation on a dark night, you see a peppering of bright and dim stars. But peer at the same scene through an infrared telescope, and you see something totally different. The famous constellation explodes into a vast celestial tapestry of glowing dust lit up by newborn stars."



In Science news 102 years ago today... December 11th, 1901... the first transatlantic radio signal was sent by Italian Guglielmo Marconi in Cornwall and was received by Percy Wright Paget in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

I have cast my votes for this week's TTLB Showcase.
Political and Non- Political Best of luck to all.
It's Craptastic!: What is the Point?

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