Thursday, September 07, 2006

Most Blatant Lie of the Day: Marc Platt on Disney Disaster

Most Blatant Lie of the Day: Marc Platt on Disney Disaster

"We've portrayed the essence of the truth of these events."
This humdinger is from Marc Platt, executive producer of the Disney/ABC disinformation drama about 9/11 that is drawing strong protests regarding misrepresentations of the public figures from the Clinton administration and disgust from Americans who value a modicum of accuracy and political fairness in their television dramas about real-life political events - or who simply hate lies.

*As if he - or any of us - have a patent on the "essence of the truth" about anything at all. This "essence" stinks out loud.

See my prior post. In the late '90s, Clinton was just a "dog-wagger" to rightwing Republicans when he specifically and consistently warned them about terrorism; they made political stew of him at every opportunity rather than working with him to create an office much like Bush's Homeland Security to protect Americans; and now Disney and ABC will pile on him for not doing anything. Go figure.

See: THE WEEKLY ACTION COALITION: Tell ABC to Tell the Truth About 9/11!

*Last week, I wrote:
It's high time for former President Clinton to get real - to get angry - and to speak out.
Today I'm proud of President Clinton for speaking out and fighting this horsecrap. ABC and Disney will learn what economically nasty effects a boycott can have if they run this thing.

*The Christian alliance known as Cross Left provides us with an opportunity to voice our opinions to Disney.
See: A Despicable, Irresponsible Fraud

Open to the winds

"My heart is open to all the winds..

Wherever God's caravans turn, the religion of love shall be my religion. And my faith."

- Aribi, 13th Century
Sufi traveler and mystic

Message of Solidarity in Faith From Shalom Center

Message of Solidarity in Faith From Shalom Center

From Faithful America:

"Beneath the scorching sun of hate is a tent of peace - where all are welcome."

Yesterday's admission by President Bush that the C.I.A. has been operating secret prisons abroad stunned the world. More alarming still is his admission that "alternative methods of interrogation" are being used. These, along with the out-of-control violence in Iraq, growing unrest between the U.S. and Iran, and upcoming 5-year anniversary of 9-11 are just a few reminders of how hate and fear have taken hold in the press, in Washington, and in our lives.

Yet we as people of faith know that hate and fear need never be the last word. Every major religion teaches that the greatest power of all is the power of love.

On Monday, the anniversary of 9-11, you will have the opportunity to send a letter to President Bush expressing your thoughts about 9-11, the war in Iraq, Iran, and our national priorities. Together we will remind the White House that we choose to be guided by faith and grounded in love - not fear.

However, there is much more we as persons of faith can do right now. Imagine if somebody came up with a way for the many communities of faith in our nation to come together around the common dreams of seeking peace, ending poverty, and healing planet earth? Our friends at the Shalom Center, inspired by a unique alignment of religious calendars, have done just that. Now, stick with me here - because this isn't something that happens every day:

In 2006-07 the sacred Muslim month of Ramadan (starting about 9/24/06) coincides with the sacred Jewish month that includes Rosh Hashanah (9/23), Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. October 1 is Worldwide (Protestant/ Orthodox) Communion Sunday. October 2 is Gandhi's birthday. October 4 is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. After '07, this confluence will not happen again for thirty years!

The Shalom Center invites you to join the members of the Tent of Abraham, Hagar, & Sarah* as they connect partners around the country in shared events during the fall of 2006.

Here is a unique opportunity for Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other believers to SHARE in community events such as:

Arranging for each church/synagogue/mosque to host one meal for members of the others, after nightfall during Ramadan.
Planning public Interfaith Walks for Peace and Reconciliation that go between church, synagogue, and mosque, pausing at each for prayer.
Jews inviting Muslims, Christians, and others into the Sukkah, a leafy hut that is open to the earth.
Muslims inviting other communities to join in celebrating Iftar (the break-fast) after sunset on a night of Ramadan.
Churches inviting other communities to join in learning about and celebrating the teachings of Francis of Assisi.
Learn more at You can also contact the Shalom Center at 215.844.8494.