Sunday, February 29, 2004


American Amnesia interviews documentary filmmaker Errol Morris

Following his recent blog-interview success with Noam Chomsky, Kirk has interviewed Errol Morris about his latest documentary, Fog of War. The documentary covers the life and lessons of Robert S. McNamara. The interview also discusses the nature of history.

The Junk Science of George W. Bush
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Open Secret - Dick Cheney's dubious history and unprecedented role are hidden in plain view. Luckily, it's becoming an issue in the election.
By Robert Kuttner
"...Dick Cheney is the most powerful Vice President in US history. Indeed, there is fair amount of circumstantial evidence that Cheney, and not Bush, is the real power at the White House, and Bush the figurehead.
The true role of the shadowy Cheney is finally becoming an issue in the election, and it deserves to be.."

Who's A Terrorist? - Politics, not actions, determine who gets labeled a terrorist by the U.S. government
By John Feffer
"...People in the business of conflict resolution routinely intervene in bloody, horrific wars and, by talking to all sides involved, try to guide the actors toward a more peaceful conclusion. Sounds like noble work, right? Not always, according to the USA PATRIOT Act. It all depends on whether the peace professionals are talking with terrorists, and "terrorism" is very much in the eye of the (U.S.) beholder."

Depleted uranium: the war crime that has no end
By Paul Rockwell
"..Of all the violations of the laws of war by the highest officials of our country, none is more alarming or portentous than the widespread, premeditated use of depleted uranium in Iraq..."

The Trade Tightrope
By Paul Krugman
"'s bad economics to pretend that free trade is good for everyone, all the time.."

The good doctor - Thank you, Howard Dean
by George Ochenski

Divide and Bicker?
Howard Kurtz writes an expose on the conflicts experienced within 'the other Howard's' campaign.

Howard Dean's e-mail response to supporters:

A Message from Howard Dean

The quotes attributed to me by others in Howard Kurtz's gossipy rendition of the divisions in the Dean for America campaign are entirely false, as is the description of my reaction after losing the Iowa caucuses, before the famous speech.

The danger of using unattributed sources as Kurtz and so many others do, is that the veracity of the informants can not be evaluated. In this case Kurtz included a significant amount of material which was not true, and produced a story which was greatly exaggerated.

There have been many inquiries about the relationship between Dean For America and the Change for America website. The answer to the question is that there is no relationship. We intend to form a progressive grassroots organization based on the Dean for America campaign, and we will work with other organizations after we get set up. We will announce the set up on March 18.

In the meantime, my deepest thanks to all of you who worked so hard to change America. We are not giving up, and we have an outline about what we intend to do on the DFA website.

Many thanks,

Howard Dean