Thursday, April 07, 2005

Daniel Okrent Speaks at S.U.

NYT Editor Daniel Okrent Speaks at S.U.

"Bloggers, said Okrent, are having a "huge" influence on The Times -- both for good and for bad. On the one hand, bloggers are holding the paper accountable for factual errors and for not covering some things. On the other hand, some bloggers make up stories that just aren't true. Okrent does read blogs, particularly high-traffic blogs, which sometimes provide their readers with links to e-mail Okrent about certain stories...."

blogJosh (Josh Shear) has a write-up on NYT editor Daniel Okrent's public conversation last night with David Rubin, dean of the Newhouse School for Public Communications at Syracuse University.


From reader Eddie Paul Miller:

I'd steer people to two stories at The Common Ills.

1) The first is called "Daniel Okrent Step Down"

2) "Was Daniel Okrent Censured? Randy Cohen (The Ethicist) Says He Was"

I'm really tired of the mainstream press covering up for Daniel Okrent and I hope the blogs will not let him step down in a hazy glow of glory after what he did to that one reader.

-E.P. Miller

Jimmy Carter Snubbed by White House

Jimmy Carter Snubbed
by White House

The One Former President Most Likely To Attend the Funeral of Pope John Paul II
Is Conspicuous by His Absence
by Jude Nagurney Camwell

As seen at American Street today.