Wednesday, October 12, 2005

About This War in Iraq

About This War in Iraq


Holy War?
Are we fighting a politically unspoken Holy war in Iraq? The headlines are filled with controversy and speculation.

BBC News - Bush's God controversy stirs press fury

Boston Globe - Seized letter outlines Al Qaeda's long-term goals

al-Qaeda deputy wants a caliphate in Iraq Osama bin Laden's deputy Ayman Zawahiri, in a detail letter to Iraq's insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has called upon for creating a caliphate in Iraq and expanding Jihad to neighbouring countries to prevent "secularists and traitors govern us".

Full Transcript Here

Informed Comment -
Khalilzad is trying desperately and hectically now to negotiate some kind of last-minute compromise, while there are more and more US statements (C. Rice recently) taking their distances from the draft constitution. “Divide and rule” is an astute imperial recipe when it serves as a way to keep control over a territory. But when it messes up and leads to the most important part of this territory threatening to acquire autonomy, free itself from the tutelage of the Empire and ally with the latter’s bitterest regional enemy, the result has only one name: it is a disaster.


In The New Republic, Joseph Braude speaks about Bush's most recent speech on Iraq, calling for a cultural intervention to support Arab liberals who share the administration's view of radical Islamists. Without it, Bush's logic is hollow and ineffective in the Arab world. Mr. Braude says:
Without this longterm commitment, Bush's speech was merely an ornament to the status quo in the Middle East--easily flipped by entrenched cultural forces that can peddle their take on current events without significant opposition. So easily, in fact, that the most anti-American of the Arab media can do no worse than broadcast such speeches themselves.
IHT - Among jihadis, a rift over suicide attacks (NYT)

University of Wisconsin Student Newspaper - Skeptical of president's logic

Betting on Bloomberg News for Plamegate Scoop

Betting on Bloomberg News for Plamegate Scoop

According to Duncan, Patrick Fitzgerald may be progressing up the chain of indictable legal events - all the way to Dick Cheney? (Rumors are surfacing at Huffington Post and come from Bloomberg News and the WSJ). We'll have to watch Bloomberg's Richard Keil, Catherine Dodge, Jim O'Connell, and Holly Rosenkrantz carefully these next few days. They've done a great job with this story to date.

This is from Raw Story:
There are signs that prosecutors now are looking into contacts between administration officials and journalists that took place much earlier than previously thought, the Wall Street Journal will report Wednesday, RAW STORY can reveal.
Excerpts from the coming story can be seen at the Raw Story link.