Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite's Top Ten

Napoleon Dynamite's Top Ten

Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite's Top Ten Signs You're Not the Most Popular Guy In High School (on David Letterman)?

My favorite was #2:

" Lord of the Rings Figurines - 50
Friends - 0 "

Runner-up was #9:

"Your only friend is the one that you built in shop class."

Gang Defang - Eason Jordan Hip Hop

Gang Defang - Eason Jordan Hip Hop

Heah's some punkass poetry from tha shiznit Kevin Hayden. He delightfully captures da hip hop version of da Right wing's bloggin' floggin' on Eason's noggin'.

Gang Defang
by Kevin Hayden

From Insty, to his Hughness, to Gang Green, and NRO,
relying on the cred of a liberal Boston homo
that they’d normally attack just for his being gay -
politics and bedfellows - let’s all sashay.

They’re greasin’ up Eason, hear them banjo’s a’playin?
The Do-’ims! and Screw-’ims! are squawkin’ and brayin’.
Cause Eason hurt America’s spotless reputation
in the classic Fantasia of their own imagination.

America, busy working, to pay the rent
issues its verdict with this comment:
“Jordan? Didn’t he retire from basketball?”
Let’s all dosie-do, and head to the mall.

Stunned by the lack of blood in the water,
the Polident sharks starved, for lack of a slaughter.
They headed for Harlem certain of one thing-
there’s always some mileage chompin’ Bill’s dingaling.

- The End

Middle East- New Hope?

We can work it out...?

Middle East- New Hope?
Middle East truce: Global reaction
The BBC has received thousands of emails in response to the ceasefire agreed between Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Egypt on Tuesday.

From the news:

There's much to be happy about. If peace is the destination, it's a road worth traveling.
Israel is to return control of five West Bank towns to the Palestinians, and free an initial 500 Palestinian prisoners, with 400 more to follow. Abbas' main task (and big problem) is to gain observance of the truce by anti-Israel extremists such as Hamas. LINK
Hamas and Islamic Jihad have declared that the truce is not binding on them.
A member of the radical Islamic movement Hamas has been killed in a blast in the southern Gaza Strip.

Can You Guess Who Said It?

"Al Qaeda was no more attacking our "freedom" when it drove those planes into the World Trade Center than were Iroquois, Sioux and Apache attacking our freedom when they massacred settlers on the frontier."

Can You Guess Who Said It?

A clue: He's the same fellow who said this:
"Bush may find himself with the epitaph penned a century ago by an old imperialist who knew the region well:

"A fool lies here/Who tried to hustle the East."
Give up? Find him HERE.

WHO'S JEFF GANNON? Valerie Plame CIA-Gate

"Gannon's" role in Valerie Plame CIA-Gate?
"White House-credentialed fake news reporter "Jeff Gannon" from fake news agency "Talon News" was cited by the Washington Post as having the only access to an internal CIA memo that named Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a covert CIA agent. Gannon, in a question posed to Wilson in an October 2003 interview, referred to the memo (to which no other news outlet had access, according to the Post). Gannon subsequently has been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury looking into the Plame outing."


**He has just QUIT per Markos, who has talked to Howard Kurtz about it. This is getting to be a weird story, people.

At, it says:
"Jeff Gannon
A Voice of the New Media
The voice goes silent.
Because of the attention being paid to me I find it is no longer possible to effectively be a reporter for Talon News. In consideration of the welfare of me and my family I have decided to return to private life.
Thank you to all those who supported me."
Wow! I mean, why would he quit just because someone was "paying attention" to him?**






Joseph Wilson on PropaGANNON - DAILY KOS


Media Matters

Archived copies about "Gannon/Guckert"

World O'Crap
Yes, we're talking about "Jeff Gannon, Washington Bureau Chief, Talon News" -- Talon News being the rinkydink wingnut "news service" chaired by the same guy who runs GOP USA (the wingnut site that is less upscale than Renew American, but slightly more professional than BushCountryUSA, and apparently run by various members of the Texas GOP).
Open Letter To Rep Louise Slaughter

Louise Slaughter requests probe

Predictably and typical of his usual propaganda-pushing, Sean Hannity has called Gannon a "terific Washington Bureau Chief".

Bobby Eberle / GOPUSA - I had Bobby's "number" long before now. (See third comment on this post).

Cole v Goldberg - Better Than WWE

"Books are nice. They are rectangular and soft and have information in them. They can even be consumed on airplanes. Goldberg should try one."

"..when writing an op-ed, he can get away with only seeming to grasp the facts, whereas in person he can be busted and shown to be only a poseur."

"..All he has to offer us is a party line and a strongly held opinion. Not all pundits are in this category. Goldberg is particularly unsubstantive."

- Juan Cole

Cole v Goldberg - Better Than WWE

Ouch! Remind me never to get into a tangle with the good Professor. ;)
"An argument that judgment matters but knowledge does not is profoundly anti-intellectual. It implies that we do not need ever to learn anything in order make mature decisions. We can just proceed off some simple ideological template and apply it to everything. This sort of thinking is part of what is wrong with this country. We wouldn't call a man in to fix our plumbing who knew nothing about plumbing, but we call pundits to address millions of people on subjects about which they know nothing of substance."
Can I get an AMEN?

"Goldberg is hoping to Kerryize me because my position on the war can't be reduced to a sound bite. I don't really care. I'm not running for office and I'm not making any money to speak of from this punditry gig. If people can't imagine that you can hate Saddam and also think a unilateral war and long-term occupation of an Arab country are bad ideas, that is their problem."
Professor Cole, you are not alone. The problem is, because of the way the Right artfully frames their ideas, people actually believe that anything less than black and white is not to be trusted. Falling in with those Right-wing frames and talking points, the mainstream media failed to spark any meaningful debate before the Iraq war. In essence, they did lack the imagination and curiosity necessary to keep the Bush administration from dragging our nation into this unjust disaster. If we aren't on our toes, they'll be allowed to do it again. The Right is attempting to make intelligent and knowledgeable people look like devils. I was amazed that David Brooks offered such a destructive anti-intelluctual manifesto in the NY Times this week. Brooks basically says that if you're not Barney Rubble, you're Beelzebub. Heaven help this country. Do we really want it run by Barney Rubble, Ralph Kramden, Al Bundy, Jonah Goldberg, and Company?