Wednesday, June 18, 2003


----IT'S ALIVE!!----
BUSHENSTEIN---A must-see!
President Bush is Dr. Frankenstein and he wants to put a rightwing monster on the
Supreme Court.

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While Bush stuffs his right-wing nominees into the Federal courts,
the House of Representatives gives Big Business a gift--
and the environment a kick in the kiester.
One more sharp blow to democracy.
Watch what happens in the Senate.
Contact your Senators!,6903,977761,00.html

"...But the House of Representatives has voted by 253 to 170 to thwart the vast majority of class action suits in state courthouses, limiting all but the smallest claims to federal courts, where the big companies, say citizens' groups, find it easier to delay the progress of suits and 'shop' for courts more favourable to their interests.
'It's the biggest thing for years,' said a jubilant Lawrence Fineran, vice-president at the Association of Manufacturers. 'Just about every industry group is on this bandwagon, because every industry is affected.'
The battle over the future of class actions, in which consumer and environmental groups face some of the Bush administration's most powerful financial backers,
now goes to the Senate, where Republicans won a powerful majority during last winter's mid-term elections.
Big firms and their lobbying groups in Washington - led by the insurance, energy and private health giants - have been pushing for years to achieve a shift away from state benches, to which judges are usually elected, to the politically appointed federal judiciary....."


"The Time Has Come To Say It Out Loud"

"..."It’s that fear that keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions."

" is now time to say and act upon the fact that the United States, as a state, is Fascist."

"...Bush II’s War has nothing to do with 9/11 or al Qaeda or terrorism...."

"...the goal was and is control of the whole region. Not just to own the oil and gas, but also to control their sale, in order to dictate which developing country the US will help and which it will sink into desperate poverty. After Iraq, they want to invade Iran. Then any other country, especially the oil-rich "...stans" surrounding the Caspian Sea if they balk at US demands and where the US now has bases.

"...What has happened to the US when murderers and liars run our affairs and neither Congress nor ordinary Americans seem to care?"